Ages in the Education System

Have you ever thought about it? The school year, the age of the characters. Does it sync?

Maybe it’s because I need to go back and forth in The FYP and ages and school year plays quite an important part with the characters since what happened in their past comes haunting them and there’s a need to get the years right.

And I’ll admit I have a lot of things I have yet to master in the writing craft. But nothing messes with me as much as getting the ages right given the different schooling years in different countries. I really dislike making use of years and age. I hate it. It doesn’t matter that much as a reader as long as there’s some form of fluidity but I hate coming up with birthdays and moving through school years.

Somehow, my brain just can’t dissect it.

I’ve spent a god awful amount time trying to get the years and the timeline right for FYP and am doing the same currently with Vikram’s backstory as well cause his timeline has inevitably merged with The FYP. Ermagherd. Of course, it has a lot to do with the fact that the education system in India is slightly different compared to Singapore. They start earlier. Gurgh.

I think I’ll suffer the same fate when I get started on Daniel and Dev’s prequels. Well.


Save me Sid.

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