Standalones VS Series

Unpopular opinion: I don’t particularly like series of books or movies.

Harry Potter is the basic exception, and to specific, I mean the movies.

There are some books I wish would have a sequel but only because I feel like that it’s not the end. A Crown of Wishes, I’d like a sequel to that with some political kingdom story. But for the most part, I don’t like a series with no end in sight. I freaking love Vicious and I’d love to see what happens to Victor’s band of unlikely friends, but I like that the book ended where it did. Because the book did such an awesome job on everyone’s characterisation that I more or less know that whatever they get up to, it’s going to be awesome and I don’t need a book to tell me that. It ended well. I have not actually read the entire Harry Potter series although I’ve watched all the movies. The only book trilogy I’ve completely read is Divergent. Actually, I can’t remember if I read the third one fully or DNF it because I remember when the truth was revealed I was a little disappointed. But I’m glad each book was relatively short which is why I picked it up.

I don’t know about everyone else but I find a series/trilogy of books/movies slightly daunting. I never read Twilight. Watched the first three, had no desire to watch the last.

You know that saying, ‘Quit while you’re winning’? Yes. Please quit while you’re winning.

Harry Potter was planned over the course of five years. (Source)

Twilight was planned over the course of three months. (Source)

I’m not bashing on Twilight. I’ve never read twilight neither have I read the whole of harry potter. Just based on movies, Harry Potter’s story is much more compelling and much more adventurous than Twilight. Which is my issue with long series. To me – and I think most people will agree – when you stretch out an idea, it stops working. The first twilight movie was interesting. The second was terribly slow. The third was okay. But every single movie is based around Bella and Edward’s love. And I can’t deal with that. I just can’t. I don’t even want them to be together.

Harry Potter was dealing with so much other things while the actual fight with Voldemort was being built up in all the books/movies up till the last one. You grow with the character. So much characterization. So many sub-events for the plot even though they are the main events for each book/movie. It’s kept interesting. Although Harry Potter is fighting Voldemort in almost every book, (other than the third – maybe it’s why I don’t like that third), he is doing much more. His sole purpose is not to vanquish Voldemort and I like that.

And probably that’s one of my problems with trilogy and series, the character’s sole purpose in every book/movie part of a trilogy/series is the same. There are no other events that sidetrack our main character. It’s just one straight long road towards the end. And the end is being pulled further and further behind as the series goes on. Either that or there are too many events that sidetrack our main character that now the road is no longer in sight. Harry Potter is a good balance. Every year Harry Potter tries to spend it normally but everyone knows he’s going to get sucked into the crapstorm and he grows to know it too. The road is always in sight.

Another problem I have with trilogy and series is really the fact that the book/movie is too long. I can’t even remember most things that happen in a short book, how much will I remember in a long book. There are exceptions. Harry Potter, basically. But when a book is too long, I get lazy. #honesty.


This seems to be a very confusing post. Just one of those days. Well. Let’s just end off with this. I’m not a trilogy/series reader. You?

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