Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2) (Leigh Bardugo)

A Thursday Update

There are major spoilers at the bottom of this post. So please scroll slowly in case you don’t want to see them.

First things first, I take back what I said about how Kaz and Inej shouldn’t be together.

So Crooked Kingdom is the second book to the Six of Crows duology and starts where the first book ended off.

You can click here for my review on Six of Crows.

- 28 February, 10PM (Between pages 338-438)

But anyway, at the end of my Six of Crows reviews I said I might not get into reading Crooked Kingdom that quick cause I was kind of okay with how the story ended. Sure it was a cliffhanger but I had trust in Kaz that no matter what happened in the second book, he’s going to be fine.

But I did pick it up quick, like a day after.

Because Matthias Helvar.

I wanted more of him and Nina.

And oh my, I am so glad I picked this book up this quick. This book is amazing. This book is so much, so much, so much better than Six of Crows and Six of Crows is already so good. I thought I loved the characters already but this book made me love each of them so much more. I can’t even.

I don’t want to spoil this book but a short mention of the plot: the first book ends with one of the six bandits being captured and this book starts with the rescue plan. But it is more than that. There are so many things that can go wrong and there’s a lot more teamwork that’s necessary. It’s not enough that everyone is good at their jobs which was all that was harped on in the first book. In this book, they actually need to work together and it’s not just to save the one that was captured but to protect everyone because all six of them have become WANTED criminals. It’s a crazy ride.

But Kaz has really grown on me. I actually like him now. I used to like him because he knew he was an ass. He wasn’t confused about his terrible qualities. He was a good not-good-guy to have in a story but I did feel detached to his sorrow. I know you have a sob story and it’s sad but you’re still an ass. Now, I like him wholeheartedly. He’s an ass but I want to give him a hug. Okay, I’ll move on.

The friendships. Oh damn, the friendships, the banter, the relationships. There is nothing quite like it. I love the dialogues that our characters have. I love the progression of the plot in this novel. I love it.

There’s a lot more action in this one too coupled with more well-placed backstory revelations. There are so much more to every character than the first book lets on. This book was great. Once again, Leigh Bardugo interweaves all these amazing reveals about the characters seamlessly. And the characters are so worth it.

And I just want to give a shoutout to the LGBT representation in this book. I’ve mentioned previously, I’m not one that particularly scrutinises a book for the existence of representation or the lack of representation in it. But if it is present, I care if it’s done well or not done well. And I’m telling you, this duology does it really well. Leigh Bardugo wrote the LGBT relationship really well. I was there waiting, cheering, praying for these two characters to just kiss already!!!! And when they did, Leigh Bardugo totally played with my heart!!!!!! You HAVE to read it for yourself.

Does the Shadow and Bone trilogy have such amazing characters? I actually want to give the trilogy a chance. I really do. Ohmy!!!

- 28 February, 11.50 PM

I reached page 487 in my copy of the Crooked Kingdom. And I take back what I said about me possibly reading the Shadow and Bone trilogy. I might be missing out on great characters, great settings, great plot, great friendships, great banter, but I can’t handle another character death in the hands of Leigh Bardugo. I cannot.

I will not.

I absolutely will not.

Leigh Bardugo will kill every character I love.

This is just. No. No.


I should not have picked up Crooked Kingdom. I should not have. I definitely should not have. I should have just trusted the ending of Six of Crows. Trusted our characters to come out unscathed. Trusted them to find a way and wreck havoc but survive. I should have.

I cannot handle this death. It could have been anyone else and it wouldn’t hurt me this much. But it had to be you, didn’t it? It had to be you. It had to be the way it happened.

I can’t even continue reading the rest of the pages of this 520 page book.

Is there a point?

-  1 March, 1 AM

I have finished the book. The ending was more than satisfactory.

But I’m still dead inside. I feel like I need to re-read this duology. And when I do, I will stop at Six of Crows.

But actually, I don’t know if I can. My heart hurts a lot.

Leigh Bardugo, you are amazing.

The stakes are much higher in this and the schemes are much more worth it. It’s an exhilarating ride from start till someone dies and then…

… things still manage to happen.

This is a 4.5-star read. Well worth your time and your tears.

I really don’t know if I should read the Shadow and Bone trilogy. There’s a war in this trilogy, people are going to die. Should I go into it knowing that someone that Leigh Bardugo will make me grow to adore will die? Should I?













The guy I picked up the second book in the duology for.


The guy I was rooting for since the very beginning. 


My heart.

But I know it had to happen. And I know it had to happen the way it did. Matthias would always struggle. He would always struggle with his Fjerdan past and his benevolence for the Grisha. He would have fought anyone in his way. He would have survived if the attack was from anyone else but not the opponent he had faced. But he should have lived. He was the good guy. He was the guy that was constantly choosing between good and bad, the rest already settled for the bad as long as it kept them going. HE CONSCIOUSLY KNEW THE WEIGHT OF EACH CHOICE HE MADE which led him to his end. Kaz says it from the very beginning. You have to be bad to survive.


But my heart.

I really don’t know if I can ever re-read this story again. I don’t think I can.

No mourners no funerals?

I’m mourning for you, Matthias, you best believe that.

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