Edits to my TBR

I will be removing The Monsters of Verity duology and The Angelfall trilogy. And I won’t even think about the Shadow and Bone trilogy.

After Crooked Kingdom, I cannot deal with another main character death. I cannot invest myself in a character that will die. I cannot. And I will especially steer clear from Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone trilogy. I was just reading the wikipage for the first book, Shadow and Bone. The first character name on the wiki page in the plot summary was mentioned to have died in the Crooked Kingdom.


I did not come here to be destroyed emotionally. I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS.

This is possibly why I like contemporary. Not just because contemporaries are shorter, but also because no one usually dies unless you know it’s going to be a sad book going in. There are no rules in fantasy.

God, this is terrible. I was going to read The Travelling Cat Chronicles after Crooked Kingdom. I know The Travelling Cat Chronicles is a sad book but I didn’t expect the Crooked Kingdom to have a death!!!! Urgh, I can’t deal with so much sadness in one go.

SPOILER for Crooked Kingdom follows:



I need some other books. I need to drown myself in other characters and move on from Helvar because I can’t stop thinking about him. Will I ever recover from him being gone? Will I?

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