I’m sorry did I say…

I’ll complete Vikram by February?

Yea. No.

Vikram is a companion novella to The Final Year Project and I’ve finished the first chapter as of 4th March at 6134 words.


As far as progress goes… this is progress.

But I’ll not be too hard on myself, I have a lot more words on that document and the total word count of that document stands at 20 371 words. HAH. Didn’t expect that, did ya?

Please finish by March, Usha!!! I want to get started on Sid’s backstory so bad!!!

On another note, I bought this typewriter keyboard. It was/wasn’t an impulsive buy. I don’t know. Less than a week ago, I went to this bookstore and I saw this typewriter keyboard. I couldn’t find the price and I knew it might be expensive because I’ve looked up typewriter keyboards online. They were ranging from 130 USD to 250 USD. Hellnaw.

So less than a week later I find myself going back to the bookstore to find some other materials and I remember the typewriter keyboard. And between the first time I saw the beauty to the second, I had gotten paid.


So is this an impulse buy? I don’t know. But no regrets yo. It’s by a company called Elysium Lab. The product itself is called ELYSIUM DOT by lofree. Although it can be compatible with both Windows and Mac, I find it more suitable for Mac because the function keys are the ones you find on Mac. It does get some getting used to. It’s a little harder because you have to put more force into the letters you want to type, which I think makes sense. It gives the typewriter key noise as you type. I didn’t want to get a typewriter of the olden days. First of all, that means ink cartridges and paper. And that means more money.


2018-03-04 212830vzsf

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