Embroideries (Marjane Satrapi)

(I read this book before Crooked Kingdom please pardon the late review)


Not because it’s meh but because I wish it was longer. It’s interesting and I like the stories but I wish they were more in-depth or just more stories.

Embroideries is a graphic novel. Slightly different from the panel style art from Persepolis but an enjoyable comic nonetheless. Its title is apt AF.

2018-02-26 10.50.40

In Embroideries, a group of women, family and friends of the family, have come around in the afternoon to gossip. And they talk about the role of virginity, sex, child marriages, love, money, men play on their lives. There’s an overarching patriarchy in all of these things that, although not explicitly mentioned, is alluded to. It’s funny. Not as many quirky anecdotes as Persepolis (because Embroideries is too damn short) but still enjoyable.

I read it in under thirty minutes. It was that short. I want more. I wish we knew the characters in this book by name. Because I can only associate them by their characteristics. And all these women have something interesting to say but have all had their stories so condensed that it leaves me unsatisfied. I want more!!

An alright read.

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