Creative Writing Class

Week 1:

Introduction to the three-act story. The idea of a beginning, a middle and an ending. Normal stuff. A point I did find interesting was the idea of subverting clichés. For example ‘safe and sound’ to ‘I was not safe nor sound’. Also, I’d always linked clichés to overused ideas but apparently, in writing, clichés can also refer to overused phrases.

Week 2:

We were given a homework after the first lesson – to write a short story and print it out. What I realised from this exercise is actually how important it is to print out your writing. It changes everything. You actually see mistakes more easily and not only that you read it off in a different way. I can’t explain it, but it makes it different and makes it worthwhile.


We were also discussing character-driven VS plot-driven stories and the importance of backstories. Backstories, of course, are important so that you know everything about your character. Only when you know them well can you ensure their actions stay true to their character.

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