My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness (Nagata Kabi)

4 stars.

This was a good manga. Although I do not like mangas, this story made up for it. This is such an important read, such an important story.

It relates the story of the author and the struggles she had faced.

It’s not just about the main character exploring her sexuality, it’s why she hasn’t in all her 28 years of life. What exploring her sexuality means for her and her family. What sex means to her.

I relate to the relationship between her and her mum a lot.

2018-03-01 16.20.24.jpg

It’s not a melodramatic piece of work. Every struggle is mentioned but not dwelled upon which might make it difficult to get into the book and feel for the character. If you have never felt the way the character has felt, it might fall flat for you. As someone that related to the character in a way, even I wish there was more meat to the story to make it more engaging because the story is there and the story is good and it is a rare gem. It’s an honest, vulnerable piece of work that if you allow, will provide you a little warmth even in cold places.

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