I was really excited for this book so I’m really sad now. I do believe it was an amazing idea.

It’s a love story explained from 14 different viewpoints and none of them are from the lovers’ viewpoints.

But I did not like the execution of this idea.

The characters did not read like college students. They sounded high school at best. None of the characters are nice to read. I did not find it cute. Every plot point or necessary information is in dialogue and most times there weren’t any names behind the dialogue tag so I was there guessing who said what.

I did not like it, man. It was really hard to get into and I found it boring actually. All the clichés in the world for a rom-com is in this book which makes it boring. All the coincidental meet-ups, all the bumping into each other was just…. stahp. It just kept reminding me that this doesn’t happen in real life somehow and that ruined it for me.

It’s a quick read though, I’m sure. I think there are about 200 pages more or less. I read a hundred in about an hour. I tried to like this. But I could not. I have since loaned it out to a friend who hopefully likes it. Fingers crossed.


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