I really adore Vijay Sethubathi and Gautham Karthik. And I also adore dual hero movies. But I really hate the fact that I loved this movie!!

This movie is so ridiculous that it’s hilarious. It’s like a thriller-slash-comedy-slash-(alittle)fantasy-slash-(maybea)socialmessage kind of movie. I say fantasy although it’s very realistic.

It’s just a really funny movie. I don’t know what I expected from this movie, but it just made me laugh so much. The gender-reversed roles and the subversion of tropes were hilarious. The cool student hero actually not being cool but really a prick that annoyed the other students was so annoyingly hilarious.

This movie was just so ridiculous. And damn, the BackGroundMusic, is a whole different kind of hilarious. It changes from thriller to comedy in a heartbeat and keeps a worried smile on your face. Because at any moment, every scene could become worse because these characters aren’t inherently good. I was actually worried during the first ten to twenty minutes of the movie, because I really like Vijay Sethubathi and Gautham Karthik but these characters they were playing were just a different kind of OFF SOMEWHERE. I kind of found it hard to root for the characters. They are capable of smart things, of good things, of evil things, of stupid things, and you just don’t know what kind of people they are. But as you watch them, and if you allow yourself, you can end up syncing with their odd nature. And you’re actually worried and you’re really looking out for the BGM to know if your character is going to screw up or not because their actions have really serious implications. People can die. The public and also feminists could be offended by these characters if they do some stupid shit. Because, not to say I’m feminazi, but all it takes is for one scene of unaccounted for/unaddressed misogyny to rile me. I say unaccountable to mean if an act of misogyny is gone unaddressed and made to seem like it is encouraged with no members (female or male) feeling it’s unfair/wrong, go screw yourself. I mean portray misogyny, by all means, it happens but make the scene impactful for the audience. Make the scene in such a way that the audience feel that misogyny shouldn’t be the norm. So back to this movie. There were many instances this movie was walking the tightrope. The whole premise of the movie was based on the tribe head swearing to get this young girl to marry her son (played by Vijay Sethubathi) when the young girl grows up. And years later, the son kidnaps the girl even though she doesn’t want to marry him and has another love interest (Gautham Karthik). First of all, the tribe head’s a lady which is smart. If it was a male, this movie would not have been funny as it was. But anyhow, this movie actually walked the tightrope pretty well. Actually really well because of characterization. The tribe head’s son, never seemed like a patriarchal piece of nugget despite holding a really strong stance on getting married to the girl. And his friends routinely called him out on his crap despite knowing they could get hit for it.

Also a shout out to the dual hero screenplay. These two heroes ARE HILARIOUS. They’re ridiculous to watch. They don’t overpower the other. They each hold their own ground and they’re such quirky characters by themselves.

And let’s not forget the heroines. I didn’t like the girl that was kidnapped, during the first half of the movie. I have no idea why she fell for someone like Gautham Karthik’s character. I really don’t know what she saw in him. But minus that, she’s actually a really smart character and really funny. The other heroine was way more likeable straight off the bat. Not cause she was a likeable character but because she was just all-around smart, her sarcasm, her plans, her motives, her interests were enjoyable. A girl that knew what she wanted and was going to try to get it or die trying. A girl smarter than her time, than everyone else in the tribe including Vijay Sethubathi’s character. Of course, he finds out her plans, but I mean it in the sense, this girl is much more rational and logical and does not adhere to rules blindly.

The one character I really have a gripe with is the kidnapped girl’s dad. He’s just ridiculous. Not even hilarious. I’m surprised by his state of living. How has he survived all his life.

Bottomline: It’s ridiculous but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.



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