This is a hard book to rate.

Can’t say I liked it, can’t say I hated it either.

I came here for the unlikely friendship and I got something more than that which I don’t know how I feel about.

some obvious spoilers, but not the plot twists

We have Kit and David. David has Aspergers. Kit just lost her dad. And when she returns to school after her dad’s death, Kit sits next to David who has been sitting alone since that dawn of time. That marks the start of their unlikely friendship.

I don’t even know if I liked the friendship/flirtationship/relationship.

I don’t know if I liked Kit. On second thoughts, I don’t. I didn’t like her relationship with her mother. Her family was too problematic. Everything that could go wrong for her was going wrong that it almost seemed like it was going wrong because plot, because drama.

David was amazing to read until the thing he pulled at the end. That was so out of character, in my opinion. When did she even lie to him? She just didn’t tell him. And anyway, his social cues were improving so much all throughout the book. He was constantly being smart, constantly being careful, constantly thinking, and then all of a sudden he goes berserk like she owes him something. He’s always been cautious around her. I just don’t get it.

And everything that goes wrong for David ends up going well. David doesn’t go through anything that he actually cannot get out of. Or at least, he bounces back so much faster in comparison to Kit’s problems, in contrast to Miney’s problems that it’s just weird. I was really excited when he started going through turmoil with the thing that he lost. So exciting. I liked his thought processes. I liked how he rationalised everything. But maybe it was because of that, that David came off to me as unaffected by the whole thing. When he talks about Kit, there’s a lot of feelings going on along with rationalisations. But when it came to his turmoils and problems, it’s more rationalisations and not much feelings. Okay there are feelings, David does cry but the importance is given more to rationalising the situation than the feelings when that’s not what happens to his interactions with Kit which is why I have an issue when David goes berserk at Kit near the end. He’s always rationalised his feelings and her feelings during their interactions. But near the end, he’s just rationalising the situation and not the feelings behind it. Am I making sense? *cue David.

But also, why is everyone, from students to teachers to parents, even against David? The dude’s smart, honest, apparently really good looking. And he doesn’t even read as a weird character. If anything he’s naive. I actually don’t have a problem with David. It’s actually just that in comparison, Kit’s not the character I want to read about. It’s an unlikely friendship that would stay unlikely because Kit doesn’t actually understand David at all. She does think he’s special and she can see his merits but she doesn’t understand him like Miney, David’s sister, or Trey, David’s guitar teacher. Forcing a relationship between Kit and David just seems like a terrible idea. Kit needs to sort herself out, really. I know she’s going through loss and I know the accident really messed with her but the world doesn’t owe her anything. I don’t know. I just don’t like her. I can’t seem to find any levelling ground where these two characters meet. And David deserves better.

2.5/5. For David.


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