During the lesson, we were tasked to look at some our partner’s items and write a mini-story about how our partner will feel if they lose one of these items without knowing anything about our partner. So my items were

  • a pouch with cartoon prints
  • a classy watch
  • a goofy glow-in-the-dark bottle
  • a keychain with R2D2


Alina threw a fit. She had lost something.

“Where is it! Where is it! Where the hell is it!” she mumbled furiously as she rummaged through her bag for the umpteenth time. She was visibly upset but more irked than she was sad. Alina had many sentimental things in her bag, but the thing that she was missing was her watch. It was an expensive watch that she had received during her twenty-first party and the thought of having to pay for a replacement annoyed her more than the thought of losing her pouch that had banana prints on it, for she knew, her favourite pouch would always find a way back to her no matter how long it might take but her watch would not.

– name has been changed


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