In another Creative Writing lesson, we were asked to take a look around the campus and to note down useless items. After that, we were tasked to describe our observation of the settings by including our five senses.

Since this was an Arts campus, I’d seen props that had been discarded and caged away.


As the curtains draw to a close, the night ends with a blast. Backstage, drinks were already being distributed. The backstage crew and all the dancers gather together cheering as they smash their plastic cups of coke – mixed with whiskey – with each others’. Emotions run high and drinks are spilled but after months of preparation for tonight, the standing ovation at the end deserved a celebration – even if it came at the expense of ruining expensive costumes.

And yet, despite the joy in the air, Kimmy felt a heaviness weighing down her heart. She had a drink in hand, a smile on her face and a longing in her eyes as she looked out to the stage where all the props she had helped design and construct were laid out. It had barely been ten minutes since the show had ended and yet there she stood at the sides of the stage already missing it with a bitter taste in her mouth, a weary smile on her face and a tearful longing in her eyes.


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