I am so confused by this book. It’s about a dog’s view of the world.

It’s in first person (dog) point of view. And very stupid of me to say but I was actually confused by that for a while. I was very confused when humans were being mentioned, when other dogs were being mentioned. The narrator was very confused. By narrator, I mean the dog. The dog didn’t understand what it was seeing too. It was a confused mess trying to make sense of the world and it just confused me too. But there are some nice things about it, here and there. For example, the dog’s thoughts on humans:

2018-03-22 17.44.34

But for the most part, I’m so confused and it’s really fast-paced. The thoughts of this dog just keep going and going and going and going and going. It just continuously thinks without a pause. My brain hurts. There’s too much information that I’m supposed to dissect in every sentence because I’m trying to relate to it as a human and what the author is trying to mean. But it doesn’t help that there seems to be this undertone of pessimism and disdain in the dog’s voice which makes the dog not sounds likeable somehow. The dog seems just weird. It doesn’t read like a dog, I guess.

I could not finish this book. I feel like I’m missing out on this book but I just can’t. Is there a C(could)NF, because I really do want to finish this but I just can’t. This is really the first time, I’ve encountered this kind of dilemma. Hah.


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