I must say I feel severely inadequate to critic this book or to even start a discussion about the points raised in this book. But I did enjoy some parts of it.

I was amused by the points raised. It’s a very amusing book with truth that I can feel even though I feel inept to put into words.

There are three essays in this book. The first is Create Dangerously, the second is Defence of Intelligence and the third is Bread and Freedom. I enjoyed the last one the most but the first one had many interesting points to ponder about.

The first essay talks about the responsibility creators have and how the settings have changed with time and how this change affects the way artists convey their art and what is expected of them in the new society.

‘So long as a man is faithful to himself, everything is in his favor, government, society, the very sun, moon, and stars’. Such amazing optimism seems dead today.

I was amused, to say the least.

The second essay, I don’t really have much thoughts about it. It was over before I could understand it.

The third essay was so much more amusing than the first.

And forceful intellectuals announced to the worker that bread alone interested him rather than freedom, as if the worker didn’t know that his bread depends in part on his freedom.

He’s right you know. In the sense, that the worker was giving up freedom to get the bread (job, money, etc).

I was amused. But 3/5 because of the reading experience as there are some long sentences and sentences that keep repeating the same thing (in more amusing ways but still.)



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