Is it accurate to say I read this?

It’s a book of paintings. But oh my do these paintings evoke some interesting feelings.

Anubis, as mentioned in the book, ‘is a mythical Egyptian god who safely conducts the dead to the other side’. So in this book, we have paintings with Anubis standing in scenes that are pretty normal – except for the fact that Anubis is there. It changes everything. And Anubis does the weirdest of things in these paintings. Anubis conveys an aspect of his/her/its character in each of these paintings. I have to say, Anubis makes for an interesting character to see.

I mean see this:

2018-03-24 213119rgfsgr.jpg

He’s just there. Watching. With a tinge of longing, perhaps, remorse? But obviously, not interrupting the events unfolding in front of him. Just waiting peacefully for time to pass, maybe for time not to, so that he can just continue waiting and watching.

And then he also does this:

2018-03-24 212200aefaef

An all-out jumpscare.

There’s something interesting about this character. I’d love to read a book about Anubis. I don’t know what’s there to fault in this painting book. Beautiful, really.


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