I finished the first chapter on 4th March with 6134 words. I’ve now finished the third chapter. The total word count being, 30 698. That’s about a little over a thousand words/day. Not bad. To ensure this stays a novella, I am only allowed another 9301 words for the next three chapters I have planned.

This is so not looking good.

But I’m loving writing Vikram. I hate him still. But damn, I love the things he gets himself into, I love his reactions. I love writing him.

Om was alright to write in TFYP, but it’s just that TFYP was a whole lot more plot and Om’s reactions are relatively more somber. I mean it’s fine because Om’s smarter/milder/calmer than Vikram but still Vikram’s ridiculous.

Anyway, let’s look at the number of words that I’ve trashed so far: 1606. That’s pretty good, I’d say.  Contract Marriage was a (unfinished) story with over 30 000 words I’d written but the number of words I’d trashed was over 28 000 hahaha. Let’s go, Vikram.


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