I tried. But at 130/449 I have given up.

The story sounds nice enough. Emily’s best friend has gone missing but has left Emily a to-do-list with thirteen items to complete, which force Emily out of her comfort zone. What happened to her best friend is a question mark.

See, I really, really like that plot. I think it’s fun and exciting.

But this book was not fun, it was not exciting. Emily is a pain to read. People cite issues with the fact that the 13 items are not really that crazy. I actually don’t have a problem with the 13 items. Different people have different comfort zones. But gawddamn Emily. She’s so hard to read and root for. She lives in her head. This book is too slow for my liking. We have almost an entire page of her thinking what to answer a question someone asks her. Oh my god. Please stop, Emily, please. You don’t have that much time to think in one second and she even comes up with analogies in that one second. Oh my goodness. I cannot. And some scenes just seem unnecessary. I know what kind of person Emily is already, she’s shy, she’s introverted, okay, I get it. Get the story going, stop telling me more of how shy and introverted you are.

Exhales deeply.

I cannot with this book. I think it’s the writing. I’m just not suited for this kind of writing. Give me my action. Keep it moving.

But I went to Goodreads to check if I was the only one feeling this way. The rating for this book is 4.17. My opinion is the minority opinion for this book. The majority are raving about the writing. Well. This just goes to show, people are different. But I will not recommend this book to anyone. I will recommend Attachments, Eleanor and Park and even A Little Something Different. But not this book. No.


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