This graphic novel was a quick read. Took me about an hour more or less. It’s been raved quite a bit but… it kind of fell flat for me.

I really love the art. I like the simplicity. But the story.. I get what the author is trying to say but I feel like everything was just very touch-and-go.

The storyline is okay. We have Dave living on an island called Here where everything is prim and proper. Everyone is afraid of what lies outside of Here, namely There. Dave himself is. But one day, this fear gets the best of him, and he starts sprouting a beard that just keeps growing and growing throwing out everything prim and proper at Here. It wrecks havoc on the island of Here as they come face to face with their fears of the things of There.

My main gripe is with Dave. He seems to be the chosen one and I don’t understand why. The reason is glossed over, something like there is no reason, it just happened to be him and I’m just not having it.

The drawing really is marvellous but the story… the minimalistic nature of the story with barely a couple of sentences on each page, in my opinion, doesn’t do the story justice.

And the ending was just… what do you mean? I do think there are better stories out there which address the same issue of how change, as fearful as it may seem, despite the costs, might not be a bad thing.

3/5 – another fine one time read. It kinda brings you to a hazy weird place and just dumps you there. Not sure whether I like that feeling or not, but I definitely do feel it.


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