Black Panther (English)

Disclaimer: This review is a review of my feelings of the movie.

Let me preface this review with this: I don’t like superhero movies. I might have mentioned it before, but the ‘chosen one’ trope is a trope I dislike. I hate it if the rest of mankind are just sitting ducks as the world gets destroyed and they need this one guy/girl to save them. Superhero movies I do like – X-Men, the humans, although asses, did not want to depend on mutants / Thor, Deadpool, Suicide Squad, because they were funny / Spiderman, the original trilogy because nostalgia, The Amazing Spiderman 1 because Andrew Garfield.

Superhero movies I don’t like – Batman, Superman. I’m sorry. They’re cool. But if I were in their world, I am as useless as a blunt toothpick and I don’t like feeling useless.

Another reason I don’t like superhero movies is that I don’t like endless things. These comics go on forever, these movies keep going. Or at least that’s my assumption. And I don’t like it. I need closure.

But anyway, I bloody loved Black Panther.

Oh my goodness. I loved it straight off the bat. The story was so strong. The characters were so strong. There is a chosen one trope but the main guy, Black Panther, is the son of a king. And anyway, it’s not like he is a ‘chosen one’, he has to take a potion to get powers which can be stripped away by another potion. So hey, fair game. And the non-potion drinkers are just as ass-kicking awesome as Black Panther. So I love it. Everyone’s on equal footing.

The technology is stunning. I don’t know the physics behind them, I don’t know if it’s possible, but I love the ideas behind these new-age technologies. They’re such refreshing new creations in the eyes of this layman human. Some damn good imagination and I will give it credit.

There’s also a lot of woman power in this movie that I loved. It’s so naturally weaved in. Would I say it’s a feminist movie? Absolutely not. The women in this movie are not asking for equal rights, they are not fighting for it, they already own it. No gender is overpowering the other. It’s not in-your-face trying to make you become a feminist, this movie doesn’t even try for that and yet it is so empowering.

But truly, what I really love about this movie is it’s heart. God this movie, touching me all in the feels. I don’t like superhero movies with a villain who just wants to destroy the world, one power vs another power, destruction here, destruction there. This movie is so much more. This movie is SO. MUCH. MORE. There is so much heart and humanity in this movie. And I love how this movie characterises the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And it’s interesting. The bad guy’s good intention, in the end, was pursued by our good guys. So there’s that, isn’t it? Our good guys were so afraid of change, were so afraid of the ‘them’, that it took them a crazy guy to push them over the edge to see that ‘them’ deserve a chance.

I want to rewatch this movie.


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