I am so upset.

I loved almost every bit of this book until that ending. Why has no one talked about the ending?

Plot: Lucky Linderman has been bullied since he was 7. He is a troubled kid with troubled parents. His grandfather who was drafted in the Vietnam War never returned home. It’s ruined his dad. His mum tries but she’s a backseat watcher kind of person who doesn’t take action too. Lucky copes by meeting his grandfather in his dreams. Lucky tries to rescue his grandad and bring him home. A troubled kid. But one act of Lucky’s bully tips Lucky’s mum over the edge, and they leave the city for the summer. It’s the summer that changes Lucky’s life.

The writing is beautiful. I loved it. I loved reading Lucky. There’s a lot of things that go on in his head, but his thoughts are really amusing and A.S. King’s description of the most mundane things are really entertaining. I loved the dream sequences. I love his interactions with people and even his bully. He really is a quirky character. He’s such a mature kid for his age. He’s forced to become an adult, to fight for himself because his parents seem inept at it. And as much as it pisses him off, there’s a place in his heart for his parents. I love how we grow with Lucky as he finds out his dreams are his form of escape and his bullies will always be there if he doesn’t step up.

It was a good read.

But I absolutely hated the ending. I enjoyed every part of this book. I loved it. But that ending. That ending is too mild for all the things Lucky had to go through. That ending is just too rushed and abrupt and I feel unsatiated.

That ending ruins it for me but I have no regrets picking up this book. 3/5.


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