There’s still a lot of editing to do. I know that but let me just take a break. Hahaha.

I just checked out the properties of the microsoft word document. I started on Vikram on 11th January. By started, I don’t mean the actual writing. I plot on microsoft word and omm writer as well. I don’t know when I started on the story proper. But yea I’ve been working on it since 11th January and today’s 11th April. A total of three months for 48 823 words. That’s about a little over 500 words a day. That’s good. This is actually the fastest I’ve written finish a novel length. TFYP was almost twice as long and took me more than twice the amount of time. Good going.

Let’s look at the total number of words I’ve trashed so far. It’s at a count of 8630 words. 17% of the novel was trashed. Hahahah. Okay. Very good. Time to get some beta readers and work on Sid’s backstory!


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