This was actually a good read. The back cover synopsis says it’s two short stories about childhood memories and how fleeting occurrences in our childhood actually shape our lives.

This book delivered, but in a way I didn’t expect. It starts out really cute and sweet and then it just gets a sad kind of sad. It really makes you sad because everyone, all the characters you read about, is actually sad inside. The two stories retell parts of – I’m thinking the author’s but I’m not sure – the narrator’s childhood interwoven with the present. The narrator talks about her relationship with her son at present, her mum at present and in the past, and her brother who has since died for the most part and about the dogs she’s had growing up. There are quite a few things in the story that might seem unrelated but actually, they are. The relationships were real and nice but without closure. And for someone who really likes closure, I find the lack of it somehow fitting for the stories. Relationships don’t end just because you stop talking, relationships don’t end just because you don’t see them anymore.



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