Time (Short Story)

For our next class, we were tasked to come up with a story/conflict/characters with only the use of dialogues. We were to use dialogue to reveal either personality, new information or increase tension. So here’s my attempt to reveal a little bit of all:


“No. I need more time.”

“Are you serious? You asked me for a year, a year ago, and now you want more?”

“I’m not ready.”

“And if I give you more time, will you be?”


“That’s what I thought. You’ll never be ready cause you don’t want to be.”

“I don’t want kids, Rick.”

“But I do.”

“What do you want to do then?”

“How much more time do you need?”

“Rick, you know it’s not about time.”

“Then what else do you want me to do?”

“I’m never going to want to have kids, Rick. And I’m not asking you to be okay with it. But if you’re not, I won’t blame you if you… leave.”

“Divorce? Is that what this is about? You want a divorce?”

“Do you?”


“See? We’re both not happy.”

“For now.”


“We’re both not happy… for now.”

“We won’t be happy in the future either, Rick.”

“Why do you have to say something like that?”

“We want different things. We will always want different things.”


“I’m sorry, Rick.”

“I need some time.”

“For what?”

“To wrap my head around the fact we’re not ever going to have kids.”


“I can’t promise you anything. But I’ll try. Give me a year.”

I’m starting to see a trend in my stories. They are all a little sad. A little hopeful. But a little sad.

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