#50 Why I Am Not Going To Buy A Computer (Wendell Berry)


Two essays and they were both hella entertaining. Wendell Berry is extremely witty, funny and intelligent. These two essays were a breeze to read through in the hour they took. The beginning of the first essay discusses Wendell Berry’s reasons for not buying a computer and he lists down pretty good ones. And I stand with the belief ‘do you, buddy’. Can I live without a computer, or technology as a whole? Not impossible but highly improbable given the way my life revolves around technology. But you do you, buddy. The rest of the first essay takes his reasons a notch further because apparently, his list of reasons received a lot of flak from the public when it was first published so in this book, we have the excerpts of some of the publics’ comments. And then Wendell Berry refutes – or addresses – them in some parts of the first essay and mostly in the second essay in such a witty manner. There are notes on feminism as well because some of his hate comments accuse him of oppressing his wife. You have to read it. The excerpts of other people’s comments are really just ridiculous but Wendell Berry tackles them in such an entertaining way.

Content 5/5. Structure 5/5.

Read it for Wendell Berry’s style of writing. You won’t be disappointed.

What is the purpose of this technological progress? What higher aim do we think it is serving? Surely, the aim cannot be the integrity or happiness of our families, which we have made subordinate to the education system, the television industry and the consumer economy. Surely, it cannot be the integrity or health of our communities, which we esteem even less than we esteem our families. Surely, it cannot be love of our country, for we are far more concerned about the desecration of the flag then we are about the desecration of our land…. The higher aims of ‘technological progress’ are money and ease.

But a computer, I am told… will help you to write faster, easier, and more. Do I, then, want to write faster, easier, and more? No. My standards are not speed, ease, and quantity.

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