Anya’s Ghost (Vera Brosgol)


We have Anya, a Russian kid in an American high school. She’s made herself fit in, to a certain extent. But she does feel very left out. Like she knows she’ll never truly fit in. And one day she falls into a well and meets a ghost named Emily. And what starts off as cool, easygoing friendship blossoms into Anya’s worst nightmare.

This graphic novel was definitely a page-turner. I really love the drawings too.

2018-04-20 200427arf.jpg

I like the scope of the story. I like Emily’s past, I like all the characters we’re introduced to.

But this book is too fast-paced. I read it in under 90 minutes. There are quite a few characters. Siobhan, Anya’s close friend. They partake in some ridiculous banter and readers know they are close, but I wish there was more character development for Siobhan.

Then we have Sean, Anya’s crush, and Elizabeth, Sean’s girlfriend. There was some interesting dynamics going on between them but it was skimmed over so quick which I get why. We want to know how Emily reacts to the whole thing. But I just wish the characters were explored more.

That’s my issue. There were very interesting subplots raised and they were all resolved all too easily. The main conflict of the story was comparatively more well-paced but even then conventionally too fast.

Other than that, I do like this story. It feels like there is a lesson to be learnt, that you have to learn to accept yourself and you have to learn to be more kind and understanding to people around you. But the story felt too rushed to really feel that message. What I really like… is the plot twist and its message:

Don’t trust anybody so easily.

And for this message, I will easily recommend this book to anyone.

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