This One Summer (Mariko Tamaki, Jillian Tamaki)

The artwork is simply gorgeous.

2018-04-20 22.23.38

The story leaves you wanting a lot more than was delivered.


I don’t really think this story had a plot to it other than we have Rose who goes to this beachside every summer where she meets her friend Windy. And so this summer, they meet again and not so great things just happen.

Rose gets a crush who’s dating some other girl, Rose’s mum has been acting weird for a while, Windy’s normal. The girls are talking about their bodies as they go on with their life at the beach.

There are conflicts, I guess. Rose’s crush, Dunc, is a trash of a human who doesn’t respect his girlfriend. But Rose, head-over-heels crushing on Dunc, seems to support Dunc and thinks the girlfriend doesn’t deserve respect either. And this is my main takeaway from this story. The fact that young girls view themselves the way some stupid guys view them is why we need everyone to be responsible with our remarks.

But other than that… well… Rose’s mum’s beef with Rose’s dad goes on for a while too before we realise what happened between them. But well…

The issue with this graphic novel is that it really hits the surface of some important issues but doesn’t go deeper into them.

The ending has no closure. And I’m not looking for closure, but my gripe is that I don’t see any character development. The revelations of what happened between Dunc and his girlfriend, what happened between Rose’s parents have not seemed to have changed anything.

But the art though.

2018-04-20 22.23.21.jpg

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