Nimona (Noelle Stevenson)

Graphic Novel.

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We have three main characters. The supposed villain, Blackheart, his sidekick, Nimona and Blackheart’s arch nemesis Sir Goldenloin who works for the kingdom.

Blackheart wrecks havoc in the Kingdom on a time to time basis. He’s a known villain to the Kingdom and we start off the story with Nimona seeking Blackheart out, offering to be his sidekick because she wants to wreck some havoc of her own. I love the way Nimona is introduced. But Nimona’s havoc is more dangerous than what Blackheart is used to. Nimona singlehandedly sends the Kingdom into a disarray. Blackheart and Goldenloin who have always agreed to disagree are now forced to face off for the betterment of the kingdom. (The pair used to be really good friends before life happened). So who will Blackheart and Goldenloin choose to save? The Kingdom? Each other? Nimona?

That’s the best plot summary I can give without giving away anything.

There are many diverse opinions on this graphic novel. I for one enjoyed the artwork actually. This graphic novel was apparently a webcomic first. And people comment that the artwork is very amateurish. But I don’t know, I actually really liked it. I liked the simplicity, I like the colour, I actually really like the artwork. I thought the emotions were well captured. (But a point to note, I skim over the fight sequences. I do this for every graphic novel which has fighting sequences. So I can’t comment on the art for the fighting sequences.)

Although I like the colour and the art, the plot and the characters leave a lot more to be desired. It’s a simple story. The character motivations, the character actions, the character backstories, they’re all pretty simplistic – or at least, nothing new. They’re not as complicated as one would like.

Granted the plot and the characters were not complicated, I did thoroughly enjoy the snarkiness of all the characters. They’re hilarious. I fell in love with the dialogues from the very first page. I actually did like the scope of this novel. I liked how Blackheart has been branded as a villain by the Institution (government) even though he technically isn’t. I liked the relationship between Blackheart and Goldenloin. I liked the relationship between Blackheart and Nimona.

I think it’s a fine one time read. I can actually see myself re-reading it again. The characters have grown on me. The epilogue definitely warmed my heart. If you’re in the mood for something cute and light, this is your book.


This is my favourite scene though (picture attached), the first panel. Goldenloin has captured Blackheart despite not wanting to and has had the time to think about their past relationship. He shows remorse at what went wrong between the both of them and he apologises. Despite the simplicity or maybe because of it, I think the art captured the moment really well. There is nothing else in the scene. Just two people at opposite ends of the room when they very well could have been right beside each other if just one moment in their past didn’t happen the way it did. A room full of silence burdened with the weight of betrayal, lost friendship and blame. I don’t know, I just like the scene.

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