Maybe in Another Life (Taylor Jenkins Reid)


I just couldn’t get into this.

Hannah who’s been hopping cities, doesn’t know what to do in her life so she goes back to her hometown. Her friends throw her a welcome home party. Then during the party, Ethan asks her to stay while her best friend Gabby asks her if she wants to go home.

Then we start to follow the life that comes after each of those decisions – when she stays, when she leaves. One chapter is dedicated to the life she has with the first decision, then the next chapter is dedicated to the life she has with the second decision, and we alternate like that with all the following chapters.

I thought the premise was fine. But I didn’t like it. I didn’t like our main character. She’s pretty aimless and she isn’t even hardworking and she says she’s struggling with life. Her to-do list is to buy a car, get a job and get an apartment, and somehow she just is able to meet all of it without even working hard. Apparently, she’s stressed because she’s never made such important decisions. But that’s about it. She buys the car and gets a job. She moves in with her friend.

The start was okay, but I struggled to finish and I skipped through the pages. Especially when the two lives she will lead start to coincide and then as a reader you know what’s coming up in one of the lives before the characters do because the characters in the other life have already gone through it… I just wasn’t engaged waiting for the characters to find out.

I’ve realised romance just isn’t my genre. Like I’m fine with romance in a book, but romance being the main central theme of the book, yea, no. And also. I don’t know if this is a trope, but I super hate random car accidents in stories. Ermagherd.

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