The Rest Of Us Just Live Here (Patrick Ness)

I’ve been reading quite a number of 3-star books as of recently, but this book singlehandedly has pushed me into a reading slump.

This book was advertised as a story of someone who is not the Chosen One who lives in a town full of Chosen Ones.

I personally think this story could have done without the existence of the Chosen Ones because they don’t make a dent in this story. I DNFed this at 265/345, at 76%, because I really just cannot anymore.

Patrick Ness asks of me too much patience that I really do not have to give.

At 265/345, our main character Mikey’s life has not really been affected by the magical things happening in his town. Sure, he gets into a car crash because of a magical deer, sure, the concert he attends gets exploded because someone wants to kill one of the Chosen Ones. But that’s about it. He does not have any Chosen One friends. Apparently, Chosen Ones keep to themselves and don’t like fraternising with the humans. How convenient. Because the whole story – or all that I read – is just Mikey’s dramatised ‘normal’ life. We have his OCD life, his struggling dating life, his very ridiculous parents – one’s a politician, another’s an alcoholic. His dramatic ‘normal’ life in this town of Chosen Ones, is such an overkill. He is on the far end of the normal spectrum. And if someone told me we’ll be getting more of his life rather than an interwoven experience of humans and Chosen Ones living together, I would not have gotten this book.

Maybe in the next hundred plus pages or so, the humans and the Chosen Ones will come together to fight this evil entity that’s been creating havoc for the Chosen Ones. But I’m not here for it. I really have no patience for this. Mikey’s life is not boring. That’s not why I’m DNF-ing this book. It’s just that this book is about Mikey coming to terms with his life and I don’t see a point to have the magical elements in it. Because as I’m reading, I’m only waiting for the magical elements and it irks me that it’s not coming. As in, I’m waiting for Mikey’s life to interconnect with the magical elements. I’m waiting for him to address or at least just feel strongly for/against the magical elements. Everyone is so nonchalant about the happenings in the town which I can’t wrap my head around. If you are so used to magical things, why are you still ignoring their presence, why are you avoiding them like they don’t exist? I don’t know, this book didn’t work for me. It’s just about Mikey’s life and he’s not even likeable. I don’t find myself rooting for him. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be rooting for. I don’t know what his issue in this book is. I don’t know what he’s trying to overcome or trying to achieve. He’s confused. I’m confused. If anything he just can’t wait to go to prom and get out of town for college which, guess what, will come to pass even if he does nothing. Unless of course if the evil entity blows up the school but do I really care about him going to prom? No.

Do you like stories about confused teenagers who were dealt a lousy hand in life?  Then maybe you can give this a try. Will the confused teenagers make better of their lousy hand or learn to live with it? I don’t know but it sure feels like the latter.

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