A Quiet Place (English)

I watched this the other day and oh so good!

I love watching real life couples on screen together. The chemistry is just so much more nuanced. And I liked the idea of a alien life form that hunts on sound and parents who do everything to protect their kids.

Can I spoil this? I think I will.


But before that, when I watched this movie in the cinemas, in the first thirty seconds of the movie where we have the kids and the fam treading their way carefully in a drugstore, someone in the audience sneezed. It was hilarious.

Okay I’ll only spoil the first ten minutes of the movie.

But anyway, so yea we have the two kids that we saw in the trailer, but turns out there’s a third younger kid. The kid finds a toy in the store and although the parents tell the kid not to take the toy along with him (because it was capable of making noise), the kid takes the toy and fiddles with it. And within the first ten minutes of the movie, we have our first death. The danger is so real.

The danger is so real. And every moment in this movie only escalates the tension. Even the heartwarming moments is burdened with the weight of the risk of everything going wrong and oh does it go awfully wrong. Not only does it go awfully wrong, it is so dragged out. And it worked, trust me, the tension was dragged so uncomfortably long that it really just kept me on the edge of my seat squirming.

I loved how this family has planned for the inevitable. Although I think their plans got their neighbours killed. But well. Let’s not go there.

Anyway, real good movie if you want to squirm in your seat while you wait for shit to go down.

But I have my doubts about the possibility of these creatures taking control. Here’s another spoiler, these creatures can be killed. And this sentence will tell you how they can be killed so if you keep reading you will be spoiled, but at this point you probably don’t care so here’s how you can kill them, gun shot. I’m guessing you can also machete your way through them. The problem isn’t killing them though, it’s catching them. These guys are hella fast, they snatch you up if you make a sound. But so here’s what I’m thinking, with the army firepower that we have, the army will be able to attract all these creatures, right? Sure, it’s a matter of time of who will kill who first but it’s not like there’s an infestation of these creatures. There are only three ‘known’ creatures in the area the family lives (how they found that out, I don’t know) so… if there was an all out war on these creatures… would we really lose?

I don’t know but I thoroughly squirmed through this movie and although I would totally rewatch this movie, oh so uncomfortable to sit through the tension as I eagerly wait!

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