I haven’t updated this website in too long. I’ve been sick. And it’s going to be two weeks of sickness tomorrow. Terrible.

Phelgm, cough, congested nose, a terrible headache.


So my reading has suffered. Here’s my ‘currently reading’ list though:

John Truby – The Anatomy of Story

  • I’m loving this writing book. I’m four chapters in and it’s helped me a lot in finding the authenticity of my characters of this new novel I’m writing. But I’m kind of hesitant reading the next few chapters. It’s heavy. But still very informative. Definitely not a beginner writer book, but a book you have to read.

Neil Gaiman – The Ocean At The End of The Line

  • I just… I don’t know. This book is just weird. Like a weird kind of weird that makes you want to keep reading because it’s just so weird. This man goes back to his old house for a funeral and goes to see this ‘lake’ which he used to frequent as a child under the belief it was some magical ocean with his magical friend. It’s weird. But it makes me feel so squeamish. I was reading it on the train while I was still feeling unwell and there was this vomit scene in the book. Given how unwell I was feeling coupled with the rocky train, this scene made me want to vomit.

Leigh Bardugo – The Language of Thorns

  • A short story collection of the fairytales kids in the Grishaverse grew up with. I’m liking it. I have one more story to go. Some were creepy. Some really took it far. Like you know how the Grimm’s Fairytales have really been watered down with happy endings for children in our world, yea, the kids in the Grishaverse seem to be getting the Grimm’s version.

Art Speigelman – Maus

  • I can’t read this graphic novel in one sitting. It’s just a lot for my emotion. It’s about this guy writing about his Jewish dad’s experience during the holocaust.  It’s written in a detached sort of way where it’s just being told what happened and you also know despite the shit that the dad faced he still came out alive. But still maybe it’s exactly because of the detached way that it makes you feel uncomfortable and upset and fearful. There are a lot of shitty ass people around in this book and it makes you so angry.


Anyhooo, can’t wait to finish. I really want to get started on the Shadow and Bone trilogy by Leigh Bardugo.

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