The Crow (James O Barr)

It’s a revenge story.

And I am unsatisfied.

The Crow, or Eric, has lost his girlfriend because of some motha********** idiots who hurt both of them. And Eric comes back from the dead to avenge her.

I don’t know how to rate this. I really like the relationship between Eric and his girlfriend, Shelly. The romance was nothing over the top and super sweet in its normalcy that it’s so unfair that something like this has to happen to Eric.

The art’s fine. It’s violent as it is supposed to be. That’s all this book is. But I am unsatisfied mainly because the idiots whom The Crow kills do not realise they deserve the shit that’s happening to them. It’s more like these idiots know at some point in their lives someone’s going to find them for their shit but blah that’s not going to stop them from leading the shitty ass lives they live hence not only wasting god given air but also ruining other people’s lives. Waste of space.

I’m upset. I find this revenge story unsatisfying. Yea, he killed the people who killed his fiancé but… it’s like a kill for a kill, there’s no actual catharsis. These guys even say they’re not going to apologise cause they were high and shit when they hurt our main couple. Like? Go die. And anyway lets look at dem villains. We’ve got a handful of people The Crow has on his list. All I know is they were all there when the girlfriend died. Each idiot could be switched with another idiot and it wouldn’t make any difference. But The Crow kills each of these guys in different manners, some methods seem more kinder than others even though they are all brutal and it just doesn’t make sense to me. Why you showing kindness Crow? All I know is T-Bird’s the leader because he’s the last one to die but I have issues with this because other guys before T-Bird are seen to hold their own weight and have their own underlings, so I’m just confused who the main head of this gang is. Maybe there are multiple gangs I don’t know. And I swear to god, now I’m just nitpicking but, damn those villain names. Tin Tin, Tom Tom? T-Bird? FUNBOY? Dude. Stahp.

The art was okay. I realise I’m commenting on the art twice. But bear with me. It’s very weird. Not for everyone but it’s okay. What I found harder to comprehend were the poems in-between chapters and extended dialogues that run more than one page with few words in each panel while The Crow kills his enemies. Like bruh, it’s really hard to focus on the cryptic, poetic message you’re sending when it’s dragging over two pages in small ass bits with all the killer moves you makin’. Now I gotta re-read while I’m reading.

Read it if you’re into violence because that’s all there is to it.

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