It was boring. But take my opinion with a grain of salt. I haven’t particularly read much literature and do not really intend to. I haven’t read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in full but I watched a video summarising the story before picking up this graphic novel for which I’m so grateful for. This graphic novel picks and chooses some of her text and not all of it so it might get confusing. But I really found it boring. Maybe I’m just not a classics person. But I’m so glad I wasn’t born in the 1800s. The text is just very long. Ten words are used when two words could be enough and so my favourite parts of this graphic novel were the parts where text was minimal and there were more art. I’ve no complaints regarding the art. The best parts of this novel was the interaction between Frankenstein and his creation. Frankenstein himself is a very boring narrator. I don’t feel anything for him. If you like classics and you’re okay with a roundabout way of writing instead of to-the-point kind, pick it up. If not, don’t. Watch this video by Overly Sarcastic Productions.


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