So the writing project I’m currently working on with the working title When Ishwar Weds Dhara is going pretty alright. By right, I started thinking about it and plotting it on 20th April 2018. I started working on the actual manuscript on 7th June and at this moment of writing this post, I’m at 24 224 words, so it averages around 800 words/day for thirty days which is great given how there have been days I hadn’t written at all. But anyway I’ve finished close to a third of this project. This is great. I hope to be done in the next two months, fingers crossed.

I’m very excited for this book. This is more personal than The Final Year Project. This is more real. And maybe that’s why I’m scared at some point. I’m still undecided about the ending. I’ve always wanted it to be a realistic ending. But I’m so troubled. I feel like both a happy ending or a sad ending is realistic, so realistic that they are both unfair my characters. Hopefully I get there.


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