Cinder (Lunar Chronicles #1) (Marissa Meyer)

I’m too old for this book.

If this had been my first fantasy book, I think I’d have loved it. But having read the Six of Crows duology, This Savage Song duology, Shadow and Bone trilogy, The Star-touched Queen duology… this book is like a step down. It’s a good introduction to the fantasy genre though.

It’s a Cinderella retelling and I don’t know why I expected something different. There’s a ball. And I just don’t know why I didn’t expect a ball.


Cinder is a mechanic and she’s also a cyborg after undergoing surgery for an accident she has no recollection of. She has an evil step-mom and two step-sisters of whom one is trash and the other is nice. She has an encounter with the prince, Prince Kai, when he comes searching for her in need of her mechanic capabilities. And while that goes on, a disease strikes the kingdom/empire/place. And while this goes down in the kingdom/empire/place, the Lunar community wants to reclaim back Earth(?). The Queen of the Lunar community (who lives on the moon(?)) wants to negotiate deals with Prince Kai – which may or may not include his marriage to her. A lot of shit is going down and there’s also a ball where Prince Kai is asking Cinder to go with him to. And I just… can’t deal with the ball situation.

I just don’t like Prince Kai. There’s something about his personality that I just can’t click with. It’s too juvenile(?) compared to everyone else.

As for the writing, daaaamn the expository dialogue doe. The expository dialogue feels like a cop-out but I don’t really hate it because at least things keep moving and I want to be over with this story. And I’m divided, I don’t know if the fact that I want this story to be over bad or not. I feel like I’m interested but just not LOVING it. I’m completely okay with not completing the series, but it has piqued my curiosity at the same time. Because, despite the disease, the politics, the possible war, the love story, this book feels like a light read and I kind of appreciate it for that because it seems like an interesting world kept simple. Too simple but then again I don’t hate it for that. I swear to god, this book made me laugh so many times by just the sheer ‘what?’. The characters seem one-dimensional though. Here I was expecting Peony to be secretly an evil sister, but no. Here I was thinking Torin would be some kind of evil, but not in this book as of yet (unless I skipped that part, I skipped a lot once the ball happened). Dr Erland is the guy who explains the plot. Kai is just the useless romantic interest. The Queen of Lunar is just a Queen who wants to rule Earth. The step family is just shit.

But like I said, it’s a good book for someone beginning to tread into fantasy. I don’t think it’s sci-fi even if there’s cyborgs.

Here are my annoyances though:

  • the names. Kai, Linh, Sang something something, Peony, Nainsi. I don’t know why but I don’t like them which is totally my own thing.
  • Kai. Kai just reads too juvenile.
  • why Kai is the one the Queen of Lunar wants to marry. It’s explained briefly but  does the Queen really, really need to marry Kai to take over? She already can manipulate people just by being Luna, no? I mean sure apparently her manipulation can’t last long so she wants to marry Kai so as to make the earth people think their own rulers on her side.. but she’s managed to keep everyone in her hometown in line on her own.. so why not on Earth?
  • why does Kai care about this damn ball. Like I don’t get it.
  • Kai and Cinder’s relationship. I don’t understand why Kai has a liking for her. Why?
  • Cinder does shit, but we only get to know how she managed to do it after it. I don’t like it. I mean sure Cinder herself doesn’t know why she suddenly was able to do it (like do magic) and so when she gets the explanation later, it makes sense. But it really just annoys me because it just feels too plot convenient when the event happened (EVEN THOUGH I know it’s not about convenience).
  • the damn ball. I just can’t with the damn ball.
  • people are dying, planets are being threatened, but I felt no pain, no uncertainty, no nothing because the characters themselves seem to be taking everything a little too light-heartedly. I don’t hate the book for it cause it made me laugh. But still, I’m a little annoyed.

I actually do like Cinder though. She’s the only one I like because she really has found herself in a lousy predicament where she can’t control much. And she’s constantly trying to do something about it.

Well, the book did end in a sort of a cliffhanger. But do I really want to read the next book? I don’t know.

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