Obsidio (Illuminae Files #3) (Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff)

Har fcuking har har yo.

Not going to lie, I like this series but what in Madonna’s name was this?

So I’m fresh off reading the third and final instalment for the last seven hours. Another overnight read. And I will say these books (independently) are best read in one go because of the issue I talked in about in my review of Gemina. If you put it down, you might forget where you are in the plot.

This review will have spoilers for Gemina and Illuminae so please proceed with caution.

Review for Illuminae

Review for Gemina

Kady, Ezra, Hanna, Nik, Ella, AIDAN and survivors of Heimdall Jump Station plus the survivors of Hypatia are all together now in this new spaceship called Mao. But with Heimdall Jump Station now having been completely destroyed, our survivors can’t jump to anywhere. No one knows they’re alive. No one’s looking for them. No one even knows Kerenza has been attacked yet. But they’ve only got one shot. They have to go back to Kerenza. When the Beitech spaceships hit Kerenza, they had a mobile jump thing on their spaceship. So our survivors need to overpower the Beitech spaceships to get to Magellan (name of mobile jump equipment) so that they can jump to a different galaxy with the authorities.

And turns out, there are still people in Kerenza. Beitech spaceships (Churchill and Kenyatta) took a hit from the Alexander and they found themselves stuck. So they’ve been leeching of the people of Kerenza. Kerenza is literally a warring state with prisoners of war at this point. So our survivors intend to stop the war on Kerenza, save the remaining people from Kerenza and get their asses out of that whole galaxy back to the main galaxy.

But our survivors face their own problems with people on the Mao turning on each other. This, not due to any virus or alien predator, this is purely due to being human. And AIDAN’s kinda fcuking things up too.

Anyway, it’s a shitfest.

And here’s the thing about this shitfest: it’s hella predictable. Everything that happens in this book is hella predictable. You see it from miles away. All these character motivations, all the possible things that can happen, who’s going to survive, who’s going to go back on their words, who’s faking betrayal. Like, I’m AIDAN, guys.

But. That’s not my main issue because even though it was predictable, I still loved the ride. I loved the characters. I mean the detachment to the characters is still there BUT these characters are snarky little minions. I love their banter. I loved our tech analysts. Some people say these characters all have the same sense of humour and yea, I see that. But birds of the same feathers flock together? Hahahha.

But the problem with its predictability was that, the characters did not predict it. I don’t understand why the characters are one step behind AIDAN. AIDAN isn’t making  high level army/cyber decisions in this one for the most part. In the first book and the second book, I can understand AIDAN’s influences on the story and the fact that these guys (Kady, Ezra, Nik, Hanna) are relatively new to the whole thing. But it’s the third book now, and they’re falling for the same things.

And what about Ezra’s mum’s (Leanne, the director of Beitech) storyline?  So Beitech waged war because of money, killed over thousands of people because of money? But who is this money going to? The fact that Beitech is even rich enough to wage a damn war for 7 months, bruh….. just how important and lucrative is Hermium? Just how big is Beitech? I cannot believe that after all that build up for Leanne over two books, she gets to barely say one sentence at the end.

But the romance between Kady and Ezra improved. I liked Nik and Hanna, as always. We have a third couple Asha and Rhys. I don’t understand what went so terribly wrong in their relationship. Sure, someone died, but neither of them actually caused it.


And can we talk about that ending? SPOILER: WHY DID NO ONE DIE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why can’t the characters stay dead? Seriously. I’m very upset at this. After all the characters that have died, why can’t we have the leads die? I mean I wanted my heart to break. Why couldn’t Katya have stayed dead? And because of the CCTV tech analyst ID, we also know Nik has to be alive because the transcription after his point of death, has to have been done after his supposed point of death. And fcuking AIDAN. AIDAN, I guess is the least surprising. But at least he could’ve have had a change in character, maybe an actual restart.

And at this point, I have something to say about the formatting. The journal entries and etc are fine, the ones I cannot stand are the few lines sprawled across two pages, going in circles or upside down. It’s not fun to turn and twist the book around at 3 am in the morning during my midnight readathon.

Some people complain about the fact that curse words are highlighted over in black so you have to take guesses. It wasn’t an issue to me. I liked the guessing.

Still though, I actually like this series. I can get on board with the story but personally I think one should stop at Illuminae.

Update 5 hours of sleep later

I am still quite appalled with the fact that none of the leads died.

It’s really why Illuminae is my favourite because at least I was made to believe Ezra was dead. Kady and AIDAN were also so close to dying with a very, very, slight chance of survival < so when these two survive I was alright with it. When the plot twist about Ezra being alive was revealed… I was like, okay, can. At least it happened on like the last five pages.

I liked Gemina because of the human villains, Travis Falk and his gang of trouble makers who raid Heimdall Jump Station. I liked Nik and Hanna. I just couldn’t deal with the multiverse which although is a very cool concept, is very convenient given the deaths or lack of it.

In Obsidio, I am fine with the way it went – even if it was predictable – but that ending was too rushed and too vanilla for me. But I do think Ben Garver’s character (who turns on Mao) was dragged out way too long. For an ex-security detail head of the Heimdall Jump Station, he’s really way more emotional than rational.

But personally, I just think the leads should have died.

I think I’ll change my earlier stance: stop at Gemina. I do think the action in Gemina of the Specialist Team sent to wipe out Heimdall Jump Station vs Hanna/Nik/Ella is worth reading. And, Nik and Hanna. But let’s face it, if you pick up Gemina, you are likely to pick up Obsidio. Gaahahhaha, especially now, since all the books are out. If you were reading the trilogy while it was still being written, you might have stopped after Gemina because by the time you get your hands on Obsidio a year later, it would have been way too much effort. But whether you read Obsidio or not, I do recommend Illuminae and Gemina.

I’ve no regrets picking this trilogy up. I did enjoy the creative formatting. I enjoyed the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the action sequences.

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