Death Note (Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata)

So I finally finished the manga. The edition of the manga I bought is the Black Edition which comes in six books. Each book comprises of two volumes.

Plot wise: How do you not know. Hahahaha. I kid. 

Yagami Light, a bright high-school student, finds a Death Note and realises anyone whose (real) name is written on the book will die. He then intends to use the book to create The New World. A world without crime. He goes by the name of Kira (an English to Japanese word for Killer < if I’m not wrong). He begins killing criminals and soon he begins killing people who try to stop him, cue the police. So the Japanese Police enlists the help of a world famous detective, L, to find out and capture who Kira is. There begins an epic chase between two amazingly smart people as they try to outsmart each other.

So let’s get to the manga.

This is truly a plot driven book and it’s all about the scamming, the tricks up Light’s and L’s sleeves. No other character really makes a dent until the introduction of Mello and Near from Book 4 onwards (Volume 7 onwards). All the side characters are just being used by L and Light. And Book 1 to 3 (Volume 1 – 6) are the best parts of this manga when you see L up again Light. L vs Light is the best fight. The way Light makes use of everyone around him to get to L. The way L finds himself in a bad situation because of some of his principles (which by the end of Death Note you kind of realise Near didn’t have) and yet still finds a way to unnerve Light was great. L always tries to keep himself in line. He wants to prove that he is different from Kira. I find the stark difference between L and Light is only in their method and not necessarily their ideals. But Near and Mello, who are L’s successors, do not play by the same game. They put others at risk easily. And unlike L, Near didn’t really put himself in danger until at the last part of the book. L went out of his way to deal with Light face to face – which although was a mistake and makes sense that Near learns from it – it made the second half of the book a little boring. Near wasn’t really a direct threat. Light had other things to handle.

There is an issue of really dumb female characters though. Maigawd. Every female character in Death Note is swayed by feelings. Every female character likes Light. Seriously. Whatever.

Other than that, it’s really the middle of the series that gets boring with less screen time for the Deathgods and less actual immediate threat to Light which is understandable because Light takes over the investigation and is pulling the strings on how to attack himself but it’s still just boring.

All in all, it’s a good plot. And if you read it, just persevere because watching Light devolve is so worth it.

Or just watch the anime because there’s nothing like the Death Note sound track.

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