Radio Silence (Alice Oseman)

This was a good read.

Plot: Frances is a straight A student with her sights on Cambridge University but she’s never felt like she’s belonged and she’s just going with the flow. What she enjoys is art and she loves listening to this podcast, Universe City, on YouTube. She even does fan art for it. So when the creator of the podcast who’s only known as Radio Silence reaches out to her online for her fan art, she’s super excited. Turns out Radio Silence is her neighbour next door. And the most natural, most beautiful friendship forms. Damn it I love that friendship. But when Radio Silence’s real identity is let out, their friendship suffers. It’s a story of friendship, of understanding and accepting that some people are just different.

This is a quiet book. There is no thunder in the middle or at the end. But it’s a quiet book that resonated with me. It’s a very normal story with a normal protagonist. It’s written in first-person view of Frances. Frances is super normal. She’s not your fun-loving over the top girl. She never makes a stupid decision in the book, she never says stupid things. She’s freaking normal with normal issues and I love it. Aled Last, Radio Silence, is just as normal with normal issues too.

I love the relationship between Frances and her mother. It’s been so long since I read a book with a positive mother-daughter relationship.

Daniel’s character, someone who isn’t really on the best of terms with Frances but on very good terms with Aled, is hilarious. I love every scene with Daniel and Frances together.

The other side characters are alright.

It’s a quiet book. With a quiet story about quiet people that a lot of people don’t talk about because it’s quiet. And quiet things never pique anyone’s interest.

LGBTQ+ rep.

My only cons was getting into the book. The book has very short chapters. Like two pages short some times. And it took me a while to move along with the weird pacing because it’s still the same scene despite two chapters but it just felt awkward with the chapter cuts.

Some cons on GoodReads are that the story wasn’t moving. I don’t really see that as an issue. Sure, I didn’t cry in this book but I did feel for the characters and I’m glad that the book is not melodramatic. It’s just quiet and I like it.

Another con is the ending. Yea… I kinda have gripe with it too. But oh well. I thought someone might commit suicide by the end of the story so I’m just glad how that panned out.

Pick it up if you want a quiet read about quiet people with quiet but real problems.

“Are you wearing that?” he said.

I looked down. I was wearing my Batman onesie.

“Yes,” I said. “Problem?”

“So many,” he said, turning around. “So many problems.”

– Between Frances and Daniel.

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