And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer And Longer (Fredrik Backman)

A short novella of 76 pages.

Plot: A grandpa is slowly losing it and this is a story of this grandpa saying goodbye to his son and grandson before he loses a chance to forget they are his son and grandson.

A quiet book but with very thunderous impact because this is a problem you can’t solve. The frustration of forgetting things. The frustration of watching someone forgetting things. Shit. Too real. Too scary. And it’s just the idea of powerlessness as you grow old that is conveyed in this book that’s just messing up with me. Fcuk I need active ageing rep!!!!!!!!

“He’s not angry at you, he’s angry at the universe. He’s angry because your enemy isn’t something he can fight.”

He – is the Grandpa’s son.

Cons – I like Fredrik Backman’s writing style. I love it. But this book is dialogue heavy.  And I’m glad for it actually. Because the issue is not harped upon and it’s not emotionally as heavy as Beartown or Us against You. The issue at hand is explored to an extent where you feel enough for characters and I’m glad for it. But it’s an expensive book to buy. I don’t know if I’ll re-read it. Borrow.


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