Spill Zone #1 and #2 (Scott Westerfeld)

Spill Zone’s a specific place in the US that had shit happened to it. Like one day something just spilled into it or out of it but whatever happened, people have become mindless zombies and things are just weirdly mutated. The area is restricted Our protagonist, Addison lives with her sister who has been changed since the incident. Addison trespasses into the area every other night to find out what happened to her family and she takes pictures of the area to sell to collectors.

Anyway, it’s a trip. It’s a weirdass acid trip.

I read both books in about an hour or less. The colours are amazing. I recommend reading it while a little drunk. Not that I did that but the colour scheme is amazing.

The first book was really interesting. The Spill Zone is weird and crazy. You have really crazy shiz happening in the Spill Zone. I’d have liked to see more of what the world could do. It’s like Furthermore’s (by Tahereh Mafi) multiple magical worlds, just way creepier with things out to kill you. And there are all these interesting characters with different motives. Book 1’s basically Addison deciding to call it quits to take care of her sister but she agrees to do a deal for a million dollars to go into the Spill Zone one last time and my oh my she’s in for a lot of shit.

The second book was a little… what? Spoiler alert for Book 1: Addison makes it out of the Spill Zone but she’s brought back things with her. I don’t mind the side plot lines that flow with the other characters but I swear the origin of the Spill Zone was so anti-climatic. It ruined everything for me.

But that colour scheme doe.

That colour scheme is just gold.

Borrow (But that colour scheme. I just want to open the book and see the colours)

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