Cress (Lunar Chronicles #3) (Marissa Meyer)

Fresh off an all-nighter.

I just want to start my review with this: I was so wrong about this series. In my Cinder review I said this was a light-hearted intro, yea, scratch that, there’s nothing light-hearted about this series at all.

Oh my cheeseballs, this series keeps getting better and better with each book.

Let’s get to it.

Cress is a Rapunzel retelling and can I just say, Rapunzel is my favourite princess fairytale. Or just my favourite princess. And I liked how her story fit in.

Cress is not a kickass lead like Cinder or Scarlet. No. She’s been stuck in isolation and is awkward and such a dork who doesn’t do well with social interactions. She has her own set of skills of course and I love that her shyness/awkwardness/introvertedness isn’t at all indicated to be a negative attribute.

At the end of book 2, Cinder, Scarlet, Wolf, Thorne, Iko (the space ship) have all come together and are thinking of going to Africa to find Dr. Erland who can help Cinder with her powers. But before that, Cinder space comms Cress. Let’s divert to book 1: in Book 1, one of Queen Levana’s computer programmers contacted Cinder to warn Kai that Levana is going to marry him and kill him off. So that’s why Cinder and Cress know each other. Here’s the thing, in Book 1, I didn’t realise this programmer was Cress. And I thought why the hell is this programmer giving such crucial details so easily to some random stranger. She seemed so eccentric too, talking so much. But once I realised Cress is Rapunzel, things kinda make sense. Her character traits! Anyway back to book 3. The crew contacts Cress and make plans to save her (she’s been stuck on a satellite spaceship on her own for the past seven years.) before going to Africa.

The crew gets ambushed and split up.

Group 1: Cinder, a wounded Wolf and a lunar guard, Jacin, who the crew fought against during the ambush, who has somehow or rather switched sides.

Group 2: Thorne and Cress

Group 3: Scarlet and one of Levana’s main people, Sybil.

Yea, Scarlet’s pretty much fcuked for the rest of the book.

Anyway, Group 1 heads to Africa. Group 2 crash lands onto a dessert.

Meanwhile back in the palace of New Beijing, Kai has agreed to marry Queen Levana.

Cress and Thorne’s relationship is the most hilarious thing ever. I am totally in love with the both of them. They’re so ridiculous together. Cress is the most adorkable kiddo ever. And Thorne is just Thorne. His brash, crazy, snarky self. His character is definitely well-fleshed out in this book which is great. And seeing he is Rapunzel’s pairing, his character traits in Book 2 make so much more sense.

Cinder has to tell Wolf they lost Scarlet. And oh Wolf goes a little crazy which given what happens to Scarlet is so understandable.

A couple of scenes happen – all interesting scenes – and Groups 1 and 2 rejoins. They plan to crash the wedding, kidnap Kai and bring him to Luna. They want to take the fight to Luna. So the rest of the story is whether or not they achieve that.

Meanwhile back on Luna, Scarlet is acquainted to Princess Winter, Queen Levana’s step-daughter, cue Snow White retelling. But I’m telling you, Winter’s batshitcrazy, like the gone bonkers, kind of crazy.

Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this book.

I must say though this book is some great effort. With so many different characters, so many different view points, we’re following various plot lines at the same time. For example, it’s only in Book 3 where Kai learns Lunars are immune to the Plague. but Cinder and the readers learnt that in Book 1. And Cinder in Book 3 comes to discover the disease has mutated and now Lunars are susceptible as well but Kai doesn’t know that. It’s a feat to keep in mind which character knows what information but the writing is so smooth that it’s not difficult.

Seriously, pick this series up.

Imma go sleep now. I’ll update later.

UPDATE AFTER SLEEP: I forgot to add, the author does a great job tying up subplots. And Kai improves in this book. I care about him a little more. He really has not many options.

Anyway I’ll just go to Goodreads and read some reviews.

Here are some issues pointed out:

Wolf and Scarlet – no page time together. I didn’t find this a problem because…. c’mon they had an entire book for their alpha romance, cue Scarlet. Let’s just get the plot moving.

Cress – people can’t stand how naive she is. How she’s always blushing and uncertain. They can’t stand how she blindly thinks of Thorne to be her hero and how she’s so much of a damsel in distress. I think her naivety makes sense given her isolation. I think her crush on Thorne also makes sense. He is of course the only male she has met – aside from Wolf who’s too scary for her. But nearing the end, she does realise that Thorne may not be the hero she so wants to believe and instead of clinging on, she kinda gives up, which is great. The damsel in distress one though, I can understand as well. Cress has been watching Earthen drama all her life – she must have missed the feminist movement but she’s at a point in her life where she can’t do anything by herself, being stuck to a space pod. She does try to work her way out of it though. And when Thorne and Cress crash land on Earth, she really tries hard to not be a burden so I’m all for it.

Cress and Thorne – Thorne being somewhat very overtly sexually appealing and Cress seeming too childlike so people don’t want to ship them together. I get it. But Cress isn’t dumb. I don’t know how old she is. She is aware of things, she just hasn’t experienced anything for herself. And yes, her crush on Thorne seems so childlike. And I just get the feeling Thorne knows it too. He doesn’t reciprocate her feelings but the only reason why I ship them is because Thorne is the most honest he’s ever been around her. Maybe they won’t be together now and that’s okay, someday.


All in all, very entertaining book with a lot of action.

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles #1)

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles #2)

Winter (Lunar Chronicles #4)

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