Winter (Lunar Chronicles #4) (Marissa Meyer)

Bro. This book. Way too long.

Took me almost two all-nighters and a few hours. My all nighters start at 8pm ~ 10pm. But this book was so action packed that I got so tired, I couldn’t even stay up all night.

There’s not enough Winter and Jacin which slightly irks me. Hahaha.

Cress, the third book, definitely my favourite book. But Winter was a good finish to the series.

So let’s get to it.

Spoiler to Cress but at the end of Book 3, the crew of Cinder, Thorne, Cress, Wolf and Iko have kidnapped Kai. Jacin, the lunar guard, switches back to Levana’s side. Scarlet still stuck in Luna. Winter is somehow or rather protecting Scarlet.

This book is all about getting the wedding to happen on Luna, our crew infiltrating Luna and overthrowing Levana, the Lunar Queen. There is so much action. You don’t get it. This book follows our characters over the course of 12 days and I swear it feels like months. There is so much going on. The amount of times the crew gets split and then rejoins and then splits again was just too much. That single-handedly has caused this book to be so long. I mean I get why they had to split and rejoin given the plot and the things they got done/the people they meet by splitting up. By the end of the book, nothing feels unnecessary.

And there’s another issue other than just splitting and rejoining. The other issue is getting caught and escaping. The number of times different people of the crew get caught and escape has also made this book way too long. But again by the end of it, it does not feel unnecessary given the plot. But.

But also with so much shit going on, there is so much repetition of information because you know, you might forget some important shit because the book is so long and then the book becomes way longer.

BUT I’m pretty sure the plot could have been different and shorter.

And since there are so many goddamn things happening in this book there really isn’t a leeway for the characters to mess up. Most if not all their plans work and continue to work. Sometimes they meet with some obstacles sure, but the plan mostly resumes. But things have to be that way because they keep splitting up so they can’t communicate to someone else if the plan has to change.

And given how long this book was, I am slightly irked that Winter and Jacin don’t get that much time together. I love Winter. She’s so crazy it’s hilarious. It’s hilarious cause she knows she’s crazy. It’s hilarious. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not mocking mental illness. What Winter goes through, her pain, the ridicule it’s very sad. It actually upset me a lot because the girl’s trying her best to feel safe from her own thoughts but gets overwhelmed and people aren’t helping. But at times, she’s awfully optimistic. awfully eccentric, awfully light-hearted and I love it.

Cress and Thorne are everything.

Kai has definitely improved. He’s so smug and hilarious in this book.

Scarlet and Wolf. Totally got me with the ‘I SMELLLLLLEEED YOU’ scene. DIED LAUGHING.

Jacin, my man. I love how he’s so indifferent to everyone else except Winter and then he meets Cress and you realise he’s not partial to Winter just cause they’re childhood friends but both Cress and Winter share a similar personality trait, that they’d willingly sacrifice themselves for others and that’s what makes Jacin more protective of them.

There’s something this book does too. I can’t remember if the other three books do this but Marissa Meyer sets up tropey scenes but doesn’t see to their end. She doesn’t per say subvert the trope but the trope just doesn’t happen. For example, in this book, Wolf gets caught and gets further genetic modification done on him and he starts to get insatiably hungry. So here I am expecting Wolf and Scarlet to have a shitshow in the near future when they meet, but what happens when they meet? Kinda nothing. Wolf is not even snapped into something to snap out of anything. He just remembers Scarlet. But it’s not to say I wasn’t thankful. Holy shit. This book was too long, I was actually quite thankful we didn’t have a whole scene of Scarlet telling Wolf to snap out of it —  she did that in Book 2 anyway.

Here’s a very big spoiler though:



No one dies.

And I’m not actually upset by this because by the end of the book, everyone has been changed. Everyone’s circumstances has changed as a direct result of the war. Compare this to the The Illuminae Files trilogy. The Illuminae Files just seemed like these teenagers are going to go back to their normal lives and the year or two they spent warring against the Beitech company is in the past. But in The Lunar Chronicles, everyone has been affected. Their life trajectories have all changed. Was it a happy ending? I don’t think so. They now have new responsibilities, new challenges and I love that. I think it’s a very decent end to a series.

Despite my issues, I still wholly recommend this series. I think the retellings are fine. Although Winter’s poisoned apple scene and Cinder’s glass slipper scene seem so damn out of place. But I actually do like all the action. I do like the characters. I do like how the band of misfits came together over the course of four books. The villain’s great, no chill.

Pick it up. And don’t stop at Cinder.

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles #1)

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles #2)

Cress (Lunar Chronicles #3)

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