A collection of prequels for the characters in The Lunar Chronicles.

In all honesty, probably unnecessary.

I did enjoy Thorne’s prequel the most.

We start off with Scarlet and Grandma’s prequel about how Grandma came to care for Cinder right after Cinder was extracted from Lunar, and Scarlet’s story on how she came to live with Grandma. Both of which were quite well-explained in The Lunar Chronicles already. But what I couldn’t wrap my head around was how young Scarlet was when she first took the train to visit her grandma. She was either 5 or 7. Nonetheless, that’s damn young and Scarlet doesn’t read like a five-year-old or seven-year-old. Or at least my interpretation of a 5-year-old or 7-year-old.

Next we have Cinder’s prequel on how she came to be adopted by her step family. Actually, I quite liked Cinder’s prequel. I still think it was unnecessary but it showed me more about her step family. I was more interested in Cinder’s step mother, Adri. Adri’s scorn towards Cinder is much more understandable when I read about Adri and Garan (her husband’s) relationship. I don’t think Garan appreciates Adri enough.

Anyway we move onto Wolf. Wolf’s one is completely unnecessary. I know I wanted his backstory but after The Lunar Chronicles, I more or less know how it would have happened and it was exactly as it would have happened. Except, I didn’t think his relationship with his brother would have been the way it was. And Wolf also reads much older than he really is – unless Lunar people mature faster or something.

CARSWELL. Okay, I need help. Is Thorne his last name? I always thought Thorne was his first name. But I’m still calling him Thorne. I absolutely adored Thorne. He read like the fourteen-year-old he was. While everyone else’s prequel skipped through years, months or days to hit the plots that were mentioned in the Lunar Chronicles, Thorne’s one just followed a day in his life that showcases his personality rather than his past exploits and oh my do I love his personality. He’s trash and he knows it. It follows him as he interacts with his parents, his friends, his teachers. And all these interactions just show how much of a witty charmer he is. I loved it. Read Thorne.

Next up, we have Cress. Cress is nine-years-old and reads like she’s at least fourteen, unless, Lunar people mature faster. Cress’ story is also unnecessary. It talks about how she came to live on that satellite pod on her own. But it’s been mentioned in the Lunar Chronicles.

The Princess and The Guard is Winter’s and Jacin’s. Although unnecessary, I actually liked this one. It tells us why Winter stopped using her powers and how she got Lunar sickness which have been explained as well but I think the story was good. I like Winter and Jacin’s points-of-view. I liked being in Winter’s head.

I did not read The Little Android which is Iko’s.

The Mechanic is Kai’s point of view of a scene that happened in Cinder. It relates the first time Kai met Cinder but in his shoes and God, it brought me back to why I so disliked Kai in Cinder. HE HAS A DAMN EMPIRE ON THE VERGE OF CHAOS AND HE CARES MORE ABOUT WHY THE GIRL IN FRONT OF HIM IS IMMUNE TO HIS CHARMS AND ISN’T BLUSHING?

Please. Stahp.

Something Old, Something New is a wedding spinoff sequel for two of the characters. I prefer the ending of Winter where things are not all rosy but still hopeful rather than a happy-ending-kind-of-wedding.

I’m pretty sure you can find the prequels online. Read it for fun. Read it if you’re too lazy to re-read The Lunar Chronicles and you want to Sremember what happened. Gahaha. Still loved Thorne’s prequel doe.


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