In a nutshell in this story, we’re in the mind of Joe, a deranged stalker, who is stalking Beck. It’s written in first person but when he addresses Beck, he uses ‘you’. So this book is talking to the reader.

Joe works at a bookshop and the story starts with Beck coming into the store to buy a book. And once he sets his eyes on her, ride begins.

See I expected Joe to be deranged but what I didn’t expect was seeing how deranged everyone else was. Everyone in this book is some kind of messed up.

Let’s start with Joe doe. I swear if we didn’t have his point of view and we only had his interactions with Beck, Joe would seem so charming. Beck never really saw what was coming.


Beck is her own kind of unstable. She’s such a toxic and ridiculous human. At some point, I actually felt bad for Joe, like, why do you like Beck? But of course, it is not easy to forget Joe’s capacity to do harm.

Then we have Beck’s boyfriend and friends. God. They’re all trash. But still, not a good enough reason for anyone to die.

Anyway, this book gets it’s creep on from the very second sentence where he says he doesn’t think ‘you’ – Beck – is wearing a bra. Like. You’re coming on too strong book. Hahahaha. But yea, the creeps start really fast. And he takes it really far really fast too. Following her, breaking into her apartment, stealing her handphone. Shit he just kept intensifying. From the very get-go he had no intention of just sticking to voyeurism, he wanted to be together with her.

Shit’s going shitty and then he starts to truly believe Benji (Beck’s boyfriend) is a hindrance and decides to get rid of him. I was wondering if he’d kill him or not and I mean it’s not really a surprise what he does.

So scary. People are so scary.

The second-person usage, didn’t really unsettle me. Because I know he’s talking about Beck. It’s really the first person point of view. The fact that you’re in his head is what’s yikes. And you just watch him engage in deranged activities and have deranged thoughts. He seems so human and normal at times.

But he’s also so fcuking violent and mental at the same time.

But he doesn’t see it, you know? He doesn’t see his violent tendencies and his shady voyeuristic behaviour as unacceptable. He’s breaking the law, he’s lying to police officers but he doesn’t see any wrong in it. He’s so mission-oriented and that mission is Beck.

You watch him devolve a little when he thinks he’s losing Beck, but that’s because he blames himself. And then when he thinks he’s losing Beck but thinks it’s her fault… shit.

I’d recommend this book if you’re looking for

multiple deranged stories and characters in one book.



Anyway when Joe decides to mess with Benji, the topic of a girl called Candace props up and how her brother was a hindrance too. This happens even before the halfway mark I believe.

And so when we learn what happened to Candace, the ending of the story is already set. This SOB has done this whole shit to another person before. He’s had practice and he got away.

I hope there’s a sequel to this where we have Joe with someone that’s matched to his abilities, smarter and more stable than him. But then again, Joe is smart enough to know not to go for anyone more stable than him.



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