I fully support this movie. Although it takes ridiculous turns, this movie really amused me.

Going into this movie, I actually had no idea what it was about. I can’t remember if I watched the trailer but I got the title wrong all this time. I’d been thinking it was Kolamaavu Kokila with a small Ko which will translate to killing flour Kokila (which makes no damn sense but maybe it does given the movie) but it’s actually the big Ko which translates to the Kolam flour (flour to draw Kolams on the ground) Kokila. Here’s the thing I had no idea cocaine in Tamil had a street name of Kolam flour.

Anyway. PLOT: Kokila comes from a poor family. And their family faces a challenge when her mother becomes diagnosed with lung cancer. Kokila tries very hard to get money through legitimate ways but the poor girl can’t catch herself a break – at least not in a legitimate way.

The moment she opens the door to crime, your girl ain’t coming back.

The comedy running through this entire movie is laugh out loud hilarious. The kind of comedy that isn’t afraid to laugh at itself. The characters are ridiculous and I appreciate that because the script is ridiculous. And I mean that in a real good way. Because this movie doesn’t waste time being melodramatic. Sure the mum’s situation is terrible, sure every time Kokila tries to ask for help in legitimate ways, some idiot of an imbecile will ask her for sex in return for help, sure she’s really scared about the crimes she’s doing, but she does it. She doesn’t whine about it. She doesn’t rage about the unfairness in the system. She doesn’t seek vengeance against the system. She does what she knows she is capable of doing to survive in the trash of a system and I absolutely love that. (Of course a trash system should not exist but is she a character with the power to change that system? Nope). She’s a character that’s driven by need and her only need is to save her mother) I also like how crazy Kokila increasingly gets in this movie. We literally see her going further and further away from redemption. And not just her, but her family as well.

That’s not to say I don’t have any issues with this movie. The lack of melodrama is great. We move on with the plot. We keep things tense and keep things going. But the lack of melo also makes the characters less believable and takes you out of the story. Her family switched to the dark side so damn fast I literally laughed. At least Kokila kind of went through an inner turmoil but her family… her family’s one of a kind. I mean it’s really amusing and entertaining to watch because they’re all just so ridiculous and I really appreciate that. The movie is really a great entertainer. But there’s something so spooky about the entire thing. The characters are all some kind of deranged.

Spoiler Alert

But there’s just something this movie got me wondering. Kokila would never have sex for money or to save someone’s life but there are so many other crimes she will do. She’d peddle drugs for money to save her mother. She’d ask a gangster to kill two people for her to save her own life. She’d kill people who intend to kill her and her family. She’d manipulate gangsters and even police officers to save her and her family. I don’t know where I’m going with this. I just find it interesting. Because shame is far worse a stain to bear than someone else’s blood.

Anyhoo, I was very intrigued by how the plot progressed. I think the progression was fine. A little unrealistic with all the successful escapes from the police (which maybe is realistic because the villains have people in the police force and when the villain suspected the police took their stash of cocaine, the villain called the police to settle the stash – but it only makes me wonder if some of the police is in on it why waste time making our characters [and viewers] feel stressed for no good reason with all the police stops) but still definitely entertaining. There were very few parts that got a little draggy but it’s fine. The comedy reels you back in. The general ridiculousness of these characters brings you back in. For the most part, this movie is very quiet. A lot is happening but it’s very quiet at the same time. Even when people are being murdered, it’s very quiet. Things just keep moving. Life keeps going on and I liked it.

I need to mention the romance line. Both Kokilla and her younger sister have a guy trying to woo them. Where the younger sister’s guy, LK, came from, I don’t know. I guess they go to the same college. But anyway, both of these guys are so damn ridiculous. The stunts they pull to woo them were so over-the-top and ridiculous. I liked that everyone around them were calling out on both males’ BS. But they are necessary comedic reliefs and I completely enjoyed their presence in the movie. It really got to me when Kokila’s guy, Sekar, finally decided this is the maximum BS he is willing to handle when he got roped into Kokila’s crime life. The entire movie he was so ridiculous but when he ended up becoming involved in Kokila’s criminal mess, he decided that’s as far as he will go, he’s out, please leave me alone. Completely loved that. Made me laugh way too much.

Spoiler Alert

I just don’t like it that none of the family or LK or Sekar died or were in anyway detrimentally harmed. I just find it impossible to believe they all got away unscathed and how they’re living their lives like they’ve put their gang murder past behind them. I mean sure it’s a movie and it’s fake and the characters already seem very unrealistic but still… someone should have died.


Just watch this. I was super entertained.


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