Bruv. I liked this movie. It has all my favourite actors and actresses. And it was good.

A thriller-suspense movie about a serial killer, Rudra, who’s being chased after by CBI headed by Anjali and inevitably Anjali’s family gets roped in.

I have issues with this movie but bruv that plot twist… so damn worth it. I can close one eye on every other issue I have with this movie just for that plot twist.

Watch it.

Anyway, delving into the story, spoilers coming. But I’ll try to leave out the main plot twist.

There are two concurrent storylines going on in the movie until they converge. It’s fine. I liked each independent storyline. The first storyline is Anjali’s chase after Rudra. The second storyline is Anjali’s brother, Arjun’s love story with a girl called Krithika. My issue was just that every time I got so into one storyline, they switched. Ohmygawd, it was so unnerving. I mean it’s good, cause it keeps me hooked but so annoying. Personally loved the way Krithika and Arjun met. It was so cute. Haven’t seen something as cute as that in a while.

My main issue though… is how stupid the police officers are portrayed. I just. Lol. It’s unrealistic. Rudra’s on the roof top of the building, everyone, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the police officers go up. ?


How is no one at the bottom? That doesn’t make sense. The police don’t do that. There are a lot of other things the police do in this movie that they just won’t do. Let’s just take a look at the roof top scene again. The police officers go up the neighbouring buildings to see if they have a clear view of the roof top. They take out their guns and they’re in position. They have handguns. They are buildings away and they have handguns. I’m just laughing. A spoiler coming up: An important spoiler: Are you sure?: The other thing they do is believing when Rudra frames Arjun. Sure, they say the evidence all points to him, but they got all the necessary evidence in a few hours is it? And how is it that Rudra who’s never left any clues suddenly leaves behind everything? Like how is the police not even suspicious. Once again the fact that the police do things that are unrealistic really takes me out of the movie. But the only reason it doesn’t bother me as much is because the way the police is portrayed has, in my opinion, no impact on the plot twist or the whole plot of the movie. I just hate how they put Rudra in an impossible to escape situation and then let him escape because they made the police dumb – maybe they were going for the Rudra is smarter than the police, but you can’t do that when these top police officers are making rookie mistakes. If they portrayed the police better, it would have made for a stronger movie.

I don’t really know if I liked the romance line between Arjun and Krithika or not. They got together really fast which I can appreciate since it’s a thriller movie but… they got together damn fast. But it was cute.

Something that annoyed me was the ransom demand by Rudra. Rudra kidnaps people and demands ransom and the people give him money. But the bruv has never, not once, returned a person alive. There’s been five or six such cases before and everyone has turned up dead. Like how dare Rudra still ask for ransom. When one of the persons asks Rudra what guarantee the person has that Rudra will return the person alive, he says none. Ass. Complete ass. (This is not an issue I have with the movie, because I can still see why people will want to fork out the money. But Rudra has no credibility. No integrity. I don’t like villains without principles.)

I loved the songs. On replay.

I think the plot twist is worth it. I actually liked the pacing of the movie.



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