A little more about myself, M.U. Rani is my pseudonym. I graduated with a degree in Economics at the National University of Singapore in 2016. Since graduation, I worked with a security agency within the Public Service of Singapore. I’ve met countless of interesting people. Everyone has had an interesting story, be it my ‘investigator’ colleagues or the people my colleagues and I investigated. I could write stories about them and I will not be done in this lifetime. But I have since left the job and am currently tutoring English between ages 7 and 17 while writing and reading in my spare time.

I’ve also had a personal blog since 2009 and I had been writing a diary for two years prior to that. In addition, I’ve been doing Indian Classical Dancing since I was three-years-old. And Indian Classical Dance is almost all about portraying stories using dance. Not only that, I used to have a hobby of watching dramas; Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese. I even tried picking up Japanese and Korean. As for how proficient I am… I can safely say that if you put me in South Korea I’ll find my way back somehow. If you put me in Japan you won’t see me ever again.

I started writing fiction around March ~ April 2015, which was a really crazy time to start because I had Year 2 finals looming around the corner. But I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t stop writing. I was writing this story about a girl that was fighting for herself. I was this girl, or at least the girl was a superimposed version of myself. And I wrote about her succeeding in her endeavours which gave me the courage to fight my own battles in real life. That’s how this started.

//I never finished writing that story//

But I started wanting to write more and more. And so I did. Now we’re here. Did I think I’d actually finish a book? No, but I wanted to. I really, really wanted to. So I kept at it. I just kept at it. And when I finally did finish it, I didn’t expect it.

Keep at it, fam.



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