Book/Movie Reviews Disclaimer

If you’re looking to be entertained please continue on to read my reviews aka rants aka rambles about certain books and movies. They’re done in my own layman style. Most of the movies I rant about will be Indian movies. This is mainly because I prefer watching Tamil, Hindi, Telugu movies to English, Korean, Japanese. There is only one reason for this: Indian movies have a longer runtime (easily an hour and a half longer) and I like doing nothing but sit back and enjoy a good story for an extended period of time.

I have to warn you though, my rants are in no way professional and have many spoilers. I don’t hate on a story as long as it’s trying to share an idea that I think could work in our society or should be encouraged to work in our society. I don’t usually complain about the unrealistic nature unless it’s really roll-my-eyes unrealistic and it doesn’t sync with the story that’s being told – like an unlikely character trait. I gloss over a lot of things because I’m not reading/watching to critic things, I’m reading and watching for my own enjoyment. So there might be a lot of mistakes in a story that I’ll let pass. But if I really dislike the story, every little thing will annoy me.

Please also note, I do not hate any actors/actresses.
If I do hate someone, it's the character they play.

My reviews/rants/rambles, are usually my main concerns regarding the story I read or watch. They are not all negative though for there are so many good books and movies out there!

All in all, my reviews/rants/rambles are from my heart, fuelled by emotions and highly unobjective. They are absolutely not the general consensus but are simply my opinions as a layman, so if you get triggered….