13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi

One word: Intense-AF

And the moral of the story: there are no winners in war.

When will we as the human race come to understand that?

The one thing I really appreciate about Singapore is the fact that it’s safe. We have no guns in society, we do not have civil unrest, we are on average very peaceful. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in a society where everyday is a question mark. To walk around with a gun in your hand, to keep your finger on the trigger.


That’s not how humans are supposed to live man.

It was a very eye-opening movie. To think people sell guns in the damn market. It really is a different world out there.

The acting was top notch. The cinematography was amazing. The background score was great. The story, which is based on a true story, was hella intense. Man, I was on the edge of my seat with every attack that was happening.

I recommend this movie. Watch it. 


Black Panther (English)

Disclaimer: This review is a review of my feelings of the movie.

Let me preface this review with this: I don’t like superhero movies. I might have mentioned it before, but the ‘chosen one’ trope is a trope I dislike. I hate it if the rest of mankind are just sitting ducks as the world gets destroyed and they need this one guy/girl to save them. Superhero movies I do like – X-Men, the humans, although asses, did not want to depend on mutants / Thor, Deadpool, Suicide Squad, because they were funny / Spiderman, the original trilogy because nostalgia, The Amazing Spiderman 1 because Andrew Garfield.

Superhero movies I don’t like – Batman, Superman. I’m sorry. They’re cool. But if I were in their world, I am as useless as a blunt toothpick and I don’t like feeling useless.

Another reason I don’t like superhero movies is that I don’t like endless things. These comics go on forever, these movies keep going. Or at least that’s my assumption. And I don’t like it. I need closure.

But anyway, I bloody loved Black Panther.

Oh my goodness. I loved it straight off the bat. The story was so strong. The characters were so strong. There is a chosen one trope but the main guy, Black Panther, is the son of a king. And anyway, it’s not like he is a ‘chosen one’, he has to take a potion to get powers which can be stripped away by another potion. So hey, fair game. And the non-potion drinkers are just as ass-kicking awesome as Black Panther. So I love it. Everyone’s on equal footing.

The technology is stunning. I don’t know the physics behind them, I don’t know if it’s possible, but I love the ideas behind these new-age technologies. They’re such refreshing new creations in the eyes of this layman human. Some damn good imagination and I will give it credit.

There’s also a lot of woman power in this movie that I loved. It’s so naturally weaved in. Would I say it’s a feminist movie? Absolutely not. The women in this movie are not asking for equal rights, they are not fighting for it, they already own it. No gender is overpowering the other. It’s not in-your-face trying to make you become a feminist, this movie doesn’t even try for that and yet it is so empowering.

But truly, what I really love about this movie is it’s heart. God this movie, touching me all in the feels. I don’t like superhero movies with a villain who just wants to destroy the world, one power vs another power, destruction here, destruction there. This movie is so much more. This movie is SO. MUCH. MORE. There is so much heart and humanity in this movie. And I love how this movie characterises the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And it’s interesting. The bad guy’s good intention, in the end, was pursued by our good guys. So there’s that, isn’t it? Our good guys were so afraid of change, were so afraid of the ‘them’, that it took them a crazy guy to push them over the edge to see that ‘them’ deserve a chance.

I want to rewatch this movie.


This New Year

I’m going to start changing the way I rants/reviews/ramble on things. I actually don’t like hating on things. But it’s just when I see or read something so deplorable, I get so annoyed that I have to vent. And same goes when I see or read something that’s so amazing.

And I like using Gifs. Maybe I won’t change this aspect. But I’ll try to change the tone of my rants/reviews/rambles. Less subjective, more objective. I’ll try. Because I’m quite an expressive person when it comes to writing and I don’t have any filters. So I want to change my writing style slightly. To be honest, I want to make my rants/reviews/rambles sound less infantile while still maintaining some level of expressiveness. And I have faith I can pull it off. It’ll still be honest opinions but I’ll change the way it comes off.

Get ready for my next review!

Happy Death Day

I enjoyed this one.

Heh 4/5.

I like thrillers. I just love it when the villain is someone you can fight and win against instead of it being supernatural and you’re just there like…


(Not sure if I’m going to spoil anything. But just in case.)

So the plot’s about this girl named Tree. I don’t understand why her name is Tree. I can’t seem to get the significance either. Why tf you naming your kid Tree? What next? Ball? But anyway it’s about Tree who wakes up one morning in some guy’s (Carter’s) dorm room and gets killed by some person in a mask.

Then she wakes up and relives the same morning.

After the second time, she starts to freak out and just wants to stop herself from getting killed. It’s a legitimate wish. So the rest of the story is her trying to stop herself from getting killed. But the real beauty of the story doesn’t lie in the creative ways she still gets killed as much as she tries not to put herself in those predicaments. No, it lies in Tree’s gradual but definitely changing character arc. So although it’s like a thriller/slasher/suspense movie, you grow with the character and most thriller/slasher/suspense movies don’t do that. Most of them’s just like two people outsmarting each other or fighting against each other. This movie builds Tree which was really nice to see.

Although I really like the plot twist and everything, it does seem improbable. The guy behind the mask, yea… no… Not possible, not capable of the demandingness of the kills. And then there is the question of how on earth did she get stuck in the time loop. Are they going to introduce Trickster? (Cue Supernatural – Mystery Spot Season 3 EP 11) But well, that was unexplained.

Also, Carter believed real quick when Tree explained she was stuck in a time loop. Lori, Tree’s roommate, had a more believable reaction to being told Tree was stuck in a time loop. I was quite surprised by Carter. But here’s the thing, the plot required him to believe her or at least, it required someone to believe her so that they can offer her a solution: to find her murderer in hopes of maybe putting an end to it.

Personally though, I don’t like the motive of the murderer. The initial plan of the murderer…. seriously? How does that work? If that worked, wouldn’t the murderer be screwed? Like you’d definitely be charged for murder and you’ll go to jail for sure. So what the hell? You’d risk going to jail for that?!

And next, Tree is hella quick. When she was finally done and it was all over, she went to sleep only to wake up to the same day. You know at this point, I would have thought this is my Hell. I was never going to get out of it. This is it. This is fcuking it. I would not have managed to have the thought process she had to have realised that I’d actually died again before that day was over. Hellnaw. Because I mean how does she actually know that stopping herself from dying, finding out who killed her was the way to get out of the time loop? There were no rules of this time loop established.

But I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed this movie. I liked Tree. I liked Carter. And fcuk Gregory.