Black Panther (English)

Disclaimer: This review is a review of my feelings of the movie. Let me preface this review with this: I don’t like superhero movies. I might have mentioned it before, but the ‘chosen one’ trope is a trope I dislike. I hate it if the rest of mankind are just sitting ducks as the world […]

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This New Year

I’m going to start changing the way I rants/reviews/ramble on things. I actually don’t like hating on things. But it’s just when I see or read something so deplorable, I get so annoyed that I have to vent. And same goes when I see or read something that’s so amazing. And I like using Gifs. […]

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Happy Death Day

I enjoyed this one. Heh 4/5. I like thrillers. I just love it when the villain is someone you can fight and win against instead of it being supernatural and you’re just there like… SPOILER ALERT (Not sure if I’m going to spoil anything. But just in case.) So the plot’s about this girl named […]

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